Living with Anxiety: Free Falling & Deciding to Seek Help

A few months ago, I felt it happen. I hit my edge and then I started to feel myself falling over it. It was what I thought would be a normal Monday in our house, but by mid-morning I was in tears and sobbing. It was triggered by something slightly unexpected

Living with Anxiety: The Attacks

I can feel "it" before my eyes open in the morning. The slight pain in my chest and the sound of my heart increasingly beating faster by the second. I try to take a few deep breaths to convince myself that I'm fine and that today won't be another "tough day."

Life Unexpected: Heartbreak and Shock

I remember it clearly; the late-afternoon of October 22, 2016, my husband sat me down on our couch and confirmed he was leaving me. He was giving up. He had decided that he didn't want to be married to me anymore and could no longer live under our roof; just 3 days before our 8 year wedding anniversary. What was shared beyond that point is private but my response was visceral in many ways.