Savy Saturday #1: Shopping Saving Tips

Savy Saturday #1: Shopping Savers

Welcome to the first installation of Savy Saturdays!  The goal of Savy Saturdays is to provide you with tips and tricks I have found to save a dollar (or two).  Hope you enjoy them!

As a mom, I am always looking for ways to buy things for my family that we need (sometimes want) but always while keeping in mind our very tight budget.  Over the last few years, I have discovered the following tips and tricks:

Consignment Shops: These places are a mom's heaven (if they are run right)!  They are often owned and managed by moms/dads and full of items that are brand new or like new.  The selection of items can range from baby to kids and even women to men. The items come at a cost of 50-80% off normal retail price, which is a great deal!  There are two ways these shops are run: 1) The consignors directly sell their items to the owner and the owner resells and keeps 100% of the sale 2)The consignors bring in their items, the shop owner chooses which to sell, prices them and then a % (usually between 30-40%) of the sale of each item is given to the consignor. I have found some wonderful deals at my local shop on toys, books, clothes, shoes and so much more at just a fraction of the cost and what is better is that I resell all of my baby/kids items that we never/hardly used and use the money I earn to purchase the items I need. It's like swapping what I don't need for what I do!

Thrift Stores (i.e. Goodwill):  Many years ago, it was considered embarrassing to step foot into one of these, but now times have changed and so have thrift shops.  What once was a mecca of old and worn out furniture, electronics, clothes and nick-knacks, has evolved into much more.  Now you can find brand new items from stores that donate them, such as Target and lots of items that no one can resell and in turn just donate.  For example, I purchase a ton of my children's books here.  At the cost of .59 a book, you can't beat it and a large number of them are in brand new to like new condition.  Considering that at a minimum a children's book can cost 4.99, I can buy 8 books for that! Yes, there is still a lot of "junk" to ignore, but if you go in focused on what you are looking for, you will be able to get in and get out in a reasonable amount of time. Unless of course, you are like me and simply enjoy the hunt for great deals!

The $ Stores: We all know them and there are a thousand different versions, but what I didn't realize for so long was how much I could save on things like holiday decorations and party supplies. I also love them for cards, books, art supplies, custom batteries for those little toys that your child loves, and so much more!  The one thing that I have learned is that these stores are hit and miss and there are some that have items that are more than 1$ each.  Once you find a good one that is the one to stick with!

Have a shopping money saving tip?  Please feel free to comment and share it below!

Hope you enjoyed this first installment of Savy Saturdays.  I look forward to next week!


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