Earth's Best Diapers, Wipes and Training Pants - Chlorine Free and Made with Renewable Resources!

My daughter is really sensitive to disposable diapers and wipes.  It is so bad that she actually gets chemical burns from the chemicals used in most commercial products.  Happily, we have found a few brands that have eliminated these chemicals and are gentle on her bottom, while giving us all the absorbency we need!  Also, they don't have an awful chemical smell like many other diapers or fragrances that are unnecessary and harmful to her skin!

Here are some really important facts from Earth's Best
- Did you know that a newborn urinates as many as 20 times a day? A newborn’s diaper will need to be changed every 2-3 hours for the first few months? The average baby will need at least 5,000 diapers changes before she is potty trained?

- All the more reason to reduce your baby’s environmental footprint with Earth’s Best products! All Earth’s Best diapers, training pants and wipes are chlorine free and made with renewable resources!

- Earth's Best Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers are available in seven sizes (newborn through size 6)

- Earth's Best Chlorine Free Baby Wipes are unscented and moistened with a gentle, natural lotion containing aloe vera and vitamin E. Choose from a pub-up tub, pop-up tub refill, travel pack or TOTS Flushable Wipes

Have a child that is potty training?
- Check out the Earth’s Best website for some helpful potty training tips and use Earth's Best Chlorine Free Potty Training Pants to make your child's transition out of diapers easy, fun and environmentally friendly!


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