Top 10 Places to Register! She Said Yes! Virtual Bridal Shower Event!

We're celebrating a special event in honor of two blogging soon to be brides, Larisha from We're Parents and Alex from Mommys Craft Obsession! Each day we will be debuting a special new giveaway or post so make sure you check back frequently! 

We've been celebrating the engagement of two fabulous bloggers for the last few days and bringing you some amazing ideas for what to add (or gift) to your registry if you are planning your own wedding.  It was important for both Alex and I to find the perfect places to us to register at since a large number of our family members live out of town.  

SMM Thoughts

When registering for my wedding, there were so many options and I honestly didn't know which was best!  I was trying to think of where had the most of what we needed and wanted as gifts and also was easy to purchase from locally or online.  I definitely wish I had this type of guide to help me!

What really is the best place to register? Target, Tiffany's, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Amazon....There's so many choices for where you can register so how do you know what is right for you? We're Parents!? Want to know what they both agreed upon for #1 and see if your guess makes the cut? Visit We're Parents!? and see how she breaks it all down

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