Mom Fear: Drowning

It's summer time and my favorite time of the year! After a very long 6 months of winter, the 80 degree temperatures feel wonderful.  The summer is full of my favorite activities, including festivals, visits to the zoo, lots of playing outside, and swimming.  

To the average mom, all of those activities sound like loads of summer fun, but to me the last one gives me tons of anxiety. Like, overwhelming "My kids are going to drown the moment I let them near a body of water" anxiety. As you know, we have 3 kids under five years old and I admit since we live in a place where swimming season only lasts 3 months maximum, I haven't been diligent about getting the kids swimming lessons.  Their grandparents have a pool and every summer they spend quite a few weekend days in it where we work on teaching them to swim, but professional lessons haven't been on the agenda.  The pool is really secure with a locked fence around it and we have a rule that there must be more adults than kids supervising the pool at all times.  However, it just seems that drowning is a Mom Fear I can't seem to shake. Just today I read multiple stories of kids the same age as mine who died from drowning in the past few weeks.  These were kids who were perfectly fine one moment in a pool and then drowning the next. And in the faces of these children, I saw my own.  I imagined how it must feel to be that grieving parent and my anxiety hit an all-time high.

In reflection of my fear, I think it's my mommy gut telling me it's time to get my kids professional swimming lessons and teach them how to safely swim and float in water.  I'm not looking to lose this fear altogether as I know it's a realistic fear to have, but maybe this step will help alleviate it a little bit. Just enough to help me not have a panic attack at the mere thought of my kids being near a body of water.  I know this decision is definitely something that will benefit our family for a lifetime.

Now that I've confessed one of my Mom Fears, let me know one of yours below. As they say "It takes a village" and I would love to provide you with support as well! 

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  1. I have a fear of my youngest falling down the stairs. He's never done it, but he's clumsy and a blankey kid (meaning he carries that damn thing with him everywhere), and any time we walk down the stairs together I walk right in front of him, just in case. In my head I see him slipping on the blankey, or just being his clumsy self and tumbling down the stairs on to the hard tile floor at the bottom.

    But pools! Pools don't bother me :)


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