Baby Feeding Essentials: Joovy Boob Saves the Day!

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Due to health issues, I exclusively pumped breastmilk and bottlefed from the very beginning with my first two babies, so the bottle came so naturally to them from just hours and days old. I vowed to do more research when it came to baby number three so I could give us the best start towards nursing from the beginning.  I had her tongue-tie clipped at two days old (Savy Toddler had one too) and researched how to breastfeed a baby with acid reflux (in case she took after Savy Preschooler). I used nipple-shields and saw a lactation consultant multiple times after her birth.  After the first month, we were successfully nursing without issue and it was amazing! Absolutely worth all the extra effort!

When it was time to go back to work when she was 14 weeks old, I just assumed she would be able to easily drink out of a bottle.  Boy, was I wrong... She struggled for the first few weeks, to the point where it left me stressed that she would starve and I considered throwing my breast out of the window and switching to exclusively pumping. But, then, I visited MommyCon and met Joovy and fell in love with their Boob. Their Boob literally saved mine.

We received the Boob Starter Set, which includes:
  • 9 oz. Bottle with Stage 2 Nipple
  • 5 oz. Bottle with Stage 1 Nipple
  • Sealing Cap
  • 2 - CleanFlow Vents
  • 1 - Stage 1 Nipple
  • 1 - Stage 2 Nipple
  • 1 - Stage 3 Nipple
  • 1 - Stage X (variable flow) Nipple
  • 2 - Stage 0 Nipples
  • Nipple Brush
  • Bottle Brush
From day 1, Savy Baby had no problems latching onto and drinking from these bottles.  We had tried a ton of wide mouth nipples and she refused them all.  I realized one day, as I was gazing at her nursing that, as she was latched onto my breast, it wasn't like those wide nipples, but more like an elongated nipple as she preferred to pull slightly away from the breast while drinking.  Exactly like the nipples on the Boob! Joovy's Boob matched mine! A match made in heaven!

We love so many things about these bottles, including:
  • High-grade BPA free plastic: This plastic still looks new, even after months of daily use and washing!
  • 5 oz. and 9 oz. sizes perfect for infants at any feeding stage: She started with the 5 oz. bottles and now she uses both depending on how much she is drinking.
  • Easy to assemble: These take only a few seconds to assemble.
  • Very few parts (bottle, ring valve, nipple, nipple ring, cap): Because what mom has time to put together a million parts?!
  • One piece CleanFlow Vent system that requires no assembly or need to touch parts that touch the milk/formula: I love this feature since I always cringed when having to touch the internal valve parts of past bottles we used.
  • Easy to clean and sterilize: We just clean them by hand or in the top rack of our dishwasher.
  • Accurate markings for measurements of liquid: These are some of the most accurate measurements I've ever seen on bottles. 
  • Elongated, natural feel nipples
  • Leak-proof design: The CleanFlow Vent "clicks" into place and the nipple and nipple collar easily screw on top of the bottle. 
  • Varying nipple stages depending on age/stage: We started her on the Stage 0 nipples around 3 months old and at 9 months she now prefers the Stage 1 and 2 nipples. They are the perfect flow for her to drink from and get the milk at the rate she prefers.
  • Three colors available (clear, blue, purple)
  • Adapter that hooks directly to breastpump flanges for easy pumping into the Boob bottle 
  • Bottle insulator accessory that keeps liquid near it's current temp
  • High-quality at an affordable price: A must for every mom!
  • Bottle and Nipple brushes that are extremely effective in cleaning the bottles thoroughly, quickly and easily. They feature heavy duty bristles and smart design.
  • Sets are attractively packaged and well-organized.
  • Awesome name that will give everyone a little chuckle! You know you giggled at least once already!
In addition to the above, we were also provided glass Boob bottles. I admit, at first I was a little afraid to introduce glass into an environment with three little ones running around. Now, these are our favorite bottles!
They include all the awesome features above, as well as:

  • Durable, high quality glass that can withstand temperature changes of 176 degrees F
  • Silicone sleeve that protects the bottle and provides easy grip surface (multiple colors available).
  • Glass doesn't absorb any odor, color or taste and cleans easily

Overall, we absolutely love these bottles! The Boob is perfect for when my boobs aren't around! I highly recommend them for any new mom or mommy to be.  They make the perfect shower or new baby gifts! There are very few companies/brands I will recommend as highly as Joovy! Great people making great products!

Learn More: Visit the Joovy website to learn more about the Boob and their entire product line! They feature tons of amazing baby/kid products that are as well-thought out and executed as these bottles! An amazing company!


About Joovy (source:
Joovy [joo-vee]is a family gear brand offering forty-two active lifestyle products in eightkey categories. The Joovy product philosophy incorporates modern, functional,high quality features at value-driven price points with an emphasis on durabilityand utility.  Since 2005, Joovy has created premium products for thecontemporary family on the go.

The Joovy catalogfeatures exceptional, trend-setting products manufactured with high qualitycomponents and materials ensuring quality with every purchase.

Customer serviceis a top priority as Joovy encourages customers to contact friendly customerservice representatives dedicated to their complete satisfaction.

Our loyal andsatisfied consumer base has written thousands of online product reviews and isthe foundation of Joovy’s continuous growth and success.

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