Dear America (especially women), Stop Saying This about Hillary.

Well, it's been nearly a week since what I would say is the most historically controversial Presidential election of all time commenced. And just in case you have been hiding under a rock, Donald Trump won.
This post is not about Trump or Clinton and their campaigns or the election itself. Rather, it's about something that I have noticed post-election: deeply routed sexism.
Before you jump down to the comment section and rip me apart, hear me out.
I'm not talking about the fact that America elected a man over the very first woman President or anything that either candidate vocalized about women during their campaign.
What I am talking about is the American public's clear issue with women in leadership positions. People from both sides have been making one very strong and sexist statement post-election. The statement I'm referring to is "Our first woman President needs to be amazing." WTF?!
Do you see what's wrong with this? If not, let me quickly explain. Claiming that Hillary Clinton wasn't "amazing" enough to be the first woman President, goes directly against the argument for equality for women in the workplace and our country. Why do I say this? Because I can't think of the last time our country said the same about a male Presidential candidate. So, why did she have to be amazing? Because she's a woman. Literally, that's the ONLY subconscious (or not) reason these people must have for making such a statement. The truth is, no male President (or candidate) has been held to such a standard of needing to be "amazing" as many held Hillary to this election. I would say the closest would have been Obama due to his race. And again...equality.
You see, what this ultimately means for our society is that we are STILL holding men and women to different levels of standards in the workplace. It means thats that while many believe that gender equality has been achieved, this is in fact not the case. We have so much more work to do to give women in this country a fair shot at being leaders in the workplace, our communities, government and elsewhere. The first steps include spreading the right message, standing up for gender equality and teaching our children equal standards for all genders.
Where can you start? I highly recommend you visit these organizations and devote your time and/or money to supporting them.
On a personal level, the next time you see someone make this ignorant comment, call them out. Ask them to explain why it is our first FEMALE President will have to be amazing, yet we continue to settle for far less from a man.

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