Dadspirations Book Review & Giveaway

Looking for a great book for that new dad or dad-to-be in your life? Look no further, as I introduce you to DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood!

Book Synopsis:
DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood is a fast-reading, humorous book which includes an actionable checklist of essential ideas to help inspire dads to become the best father they can be. In short, this book offers a strategy for the expecting/new father focusing on 35 weekly ideas that Dad can do for himself, his wife and his newborn. A few of these ideas, which Densmore refers to as DADspirations, include:

  • Send your loving wife to the spa, which secures for you an afternoon of introducing Bob Ross and Kung Fu to your baby.
  • Develop a baby birth time capsule, which captures all of the precious moments from a day you're likely to forget.
  • Build a toy box, which gives you the perfect excuse to spend an entire day alone in the garage with power tools and beer.
  • Make up a holiday, which affords time for infant and grandma to bond, and gives you and your wife time for nookie.

My review: It's so refreshing to find a book that is written by a dad for dads! There are so many books written by moms, but to have something truly relate-able for those wonderful men in our lives that become "daddy" to our beautiful children is priceless! The author of this book writes it from his heart and it really shows.  It's full of honest experiences and recommendations for cherishing those precious moments in the first few months of your little one's life. Everyone always focuses on mom and baby, but it's important for dad to be able to enjoy those moments as well.  
My absolute favorite recommendation is the baby time capsule! As a mom, I have saved with both of my children the items that are from their first moments in this world (blankets, hats, hospital bracelets, etc.).  These items are proudly on display in each of their rooms and they will remain there for years to come.  As a mom, who was able to give birth to them I was also able to internalize the feelings of having each one leave my body and enter my arms, but my husband didn't have the chance.  Although he was there for both births, I can't imagine it is the same as actually giving birth, so having these items helps him to relive those precious moments in which our family and hearts grew more than imaginable!  
This book is just so wonderful for any new dad, dad-to-be, or current dad who is about to welcome a new little one!  And moms, the author didn't forget about us. There are special places in this book that help the new daddy gain an understanding of what we are experiencing in the first 100 days and it even recommends they let us have a spa day!  I could go on for paragraphs about this book, but if you want to read more, I highly suggest you buy a copy today!

Learn more: You can learn more about this wonderful book and it's author on the DADspirations website!

Buy: DADspirations is available for purchase today on Amazon!

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  1. I would love to win this because I know my husband would enjoy it. He has a good sense of humor and I think it is good to give me more ideas of what he can do as a father (he is already a good dad).

  2. I would love to win this for my husband as he is a great dad to our daughter!

  3. I would love to win it because my husband would like it. It would be a way for some great bonding things.

  4. I like it because it's written for dads, unlike the books I have that he tries to read, lol.

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