Hyland's 7-Day Sleep Challenge

Hyland's is hosting a 7-Day Sleep Challenge and one of the questions they have asked us to address with our readers is: 

Which ONE thing do you think people can cut out of their diet to help them sleep better? 

5 years ago, I was battling issues with sleeplessness, dizziness, rapid heart-rate and headaches.  After several trips to the ER and doctor, I decided to start trying to adjust my diet.  The first thing I decided to cut out of my diet was caffeine.  I went cold turkey, limiting myself to just a cup of decaf coffee a day. Yes, there were the usual withdrawal symptoms, but after the first few days, those subsided. Within a week of cutting it out, I felt like a new person!  I was replacing my daily cups of coffee, iced tea and soda with naturally flavored or plain ice water. While researching the topic further, I found that a high intake of caffeine can build up in the system and cause the symptoms I was experiencing, especially sleeplessness.  If someone you know is suffering from this symptom and they intake a fair amount of caffeine in a day (i.e. more than a few cups), I would recommend they start trying to cut it out. Caffeine is a stimulant and it is best if you have your intake at or around noon/early afternoon.  That way your body has a chance to eliminate it before you go to bed at night. Since cutting caffeine out of my life, I have had zero bouts of these symptoms and have felt a lot better.

Learn More: Visit the Hyland’s Challenge Page to share your ideas on getting a better night’s sleep and take the Hyland's 7-Day Sleep Challenge. You can register for a chance to win a Rest and Relaxation gift basket which includes: Hyland’s products (Calms Forte, Nerve Tonic, Leg Cramps PM as well as Lily’s Sweet’s chocolate (4 bars, one of each flavor) , Aura Cacia aromatherapy Pillow Potion and Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts, Theo drinking chocolate, Madhava organic honey, Mack’s ear plugs, and Choice Tea. The 7 Day Sleep Challenge Starts on March 11 and ends on March 18.

*I am not a doctor and any concerns about symptoms should always be addressed with your healthcare specialist.  This post is based purely on my experience and research and may not be effective for everyone*

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