Dermagist Hydrating Spa System Review and Giveaway!

Dermagist Hydrating Spa System (source:

A total body luxury spa treatment combining ALL 3 of our lotions for hand, body, and feet, that will leave you moisturized, relaxed and looking younger.  The body lotion for deep hydration, calming of the skin and firming of wrinkles and sags.  The hand cream for removal of age spots and discoloration, while tightening and providing a youthful look.  The foot cream for soothing and relaxing tired feet while healing cracks and dryness with a therapeutic combination of ingredients.

SMM Review:

Since I have been little, I have struggled to find the perfect lotions for my skin.  Most lotions give me that icky feeling or have an unpleasant smell and I use them once and then they sit in my house for years before I throw them out.  When offered the opportunity to try the Dermagist Hydrating Spa System, I was excited that it might be the product line I have been searching for.

Hydropeutic Body Lotion: 
There is only one word to describe this lotion “Amazing!” It is not like ordinary lotions as it has more of a watery texture and feels so light and natural on my skin.  As I said earlier, I highly dislike the greasy feeling of lotions and so I often avoid them altogether, so when I first squirted this onto my skin I was delighted!  On top of the great natural texture, it has a fantastic scent that even has my coworkers asking what I am wearing.  I am happy to say that for the first time EVER, I am using a lotion daily and LOVING it!

Foot & Heel Revitalizing Cream:

I have been active my whole life and as a result my feet have developed some “rough” patches.  I love being barefoot and the feeling of the ground beneath me on my feet, but that doesn’t always help the texture of my feet.  This cream is like magic!  Within a week, it softened my rough patches and made my feet look remarkably better!  My husband is active as well and loves to have soft feet (shh…don’t tell him I told you). He has tried and also loves this cream. Just as with the lotion, this cream has a wonderful scent!

Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream: 

Although, I don’t do daily work outside, my hands do get really dry and roughed up from playing with my kids.  The hand cream is really nice.  It is a thicker texture than the lotion, but not greasy in the least bit.  It quickly soaks into my skin and feels my hands feeling softer and gentler every time I use it.  Again, my husband loves this cream!  It doesn’t have as strong as a scent as the other items, but it is still pleasant and perfect if you are going to use this multiple times throughout the day.

Overall, I really love this system!  The products complement each other well, as they all have wonderful textures, scents and results!  I highly recommend you try this system if you are looking for new skin products.  They even offer a 30 day 100% guarantee on all of their products!

Learn More: You can learn more about the Dermagist product line on their website.

Buy: Dermagist is available for purchase directly from their website. They have some great promotions, including earning Dermabucks with purchases and Replenish & Save plans that save you 20% every month!

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  1. It showed error when I tried to go to the website, but I would love to try anything considered "luxury spa treatments"! Aaaahhhh!

    1. Updated! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Being summer a nice foot cream is always needed like the one in this kit! The website said it has Eucalyptus :)

  3. I'm excited to try Dermagist products - it seems they have a product for just about any skin concern.

  4. I love that the Eye Precision System reduce wrinkles instantly and long term, while also focusing on dark circles, puffy bags, and wrinkles of the eye area. Let's face it.....I'm not getting any younger, lol!

  5. The foot cream for soothing and relaxing tired feet while healing cracks and dryness with a therapeutic combination of ingredients. I need this my feet are dried and cracked it sounds great

  6. i'm excited to try their product because it all sounds wonderful and something i can share with my mom.

  7. I really like the variety of products they offer. It seems like there's a product for people of all skin types and with all problems.

  8. I have extremely dry skin that nothing seems to help with, I would love to try these products.

  9. I could really use an eye care system like the Eye precision to reduce my fines lines and wrinkles long term. Getting older isn't easy and it's often not pretty.

  10. I like how they have very specific products for different purposes and area!

  11. I would really like to try their eye revolution gel because I always have aweful bags under my eyes. Thanks for the contest I probably never would have found this otherwise.

  12. they seem like they would help with my feet and heels

  13. I would like to try the foot cream mine are always cracked and so rough it is embrassing

  14. It said the foot cream heals cracks and dryness. While I don't have the cracks, I definitely have that dryness they speak of :)

  15. I'm excited to try these products because they do not leave a greasy feel on the skin.


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