Voting on Top Mommy Blogs

There is a wonderful rankings page, called Top Mommy Blogs which ranks the best of the best of Mommy Blogs out on the web! I would love if you could vote for me!

Why should I vote? The rankings are driven by your votes and the higher the ranking the better the sponsored giveaways I can provide you.

How can I vote? Please click on the image below to vote.  Once the Top Mommy Blogs page has loaded your vote has been counted.

How often can I vote? You can vote daily and it just takes one click!

Where can I easily locate the voting button on the blog? You can easily vote from any post on my blog, as this image will appear at the bottom of the post. Also, you will notice there is an icon on the right sidebar of the blog that you can click to vote from as well.

I greatly appreciate your time and effort in voting for me! 

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