"What's It Like? Wednesday" Minivan?!!

As you may be aware we are expecting our 3rd child in November.  With this comes the daunting task of getting 3 car seats (for 3 kids under 4) into our mid-size SUV.  
Savy Daddy and I have discussed at length the options for new cars out there and it comes down to two choices:
  • SUV with a 3rd Row 
  • Minivan 
Now, you may think this is an easy one!  “Hello?! You are a mom of 3 little kids and all moms who are crazy enough to have 3 kids in less than 4 years get minivans!”, but to be honest I’m just not sold.  I like the power and handling of the larger SUVs and the idea that in a few years I won’t need some of the small child perks of the minivans and will want something I love.   Then my practical side kicks in and thinks: In the meanwhile, is it worth it to just bite the “But I want to drive” bullet and get the more kid-friendly featured and better fuel mileage minivan OR should I go with my SUV dreams and figure in a few years I will never know what I missed out on in not getting the minivan with small kid features (i.e. doors that automatically slide open).  

So, here I am, another Wednesday, asking you, my readers and experts: What’s it like to own a minivan? 
Please give me the good, the bad, the ugly and all the stuff in-between!


  1. Get a mini, love,love,love ours ;-)

  2. I have totally become a mini mommy after realizing how much MORE room is really did have then the SUV's. Go ahead, join the Army of Mini's ;)

  3. we love our mini can too

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