Tiny Love Magical Night 3-in-1 Mobile Projector #Giveaway

Babies just love soothing music and lights from birth. Both of our children enjoyed their crib mobiles for many months and still gravitate towards any they see today. In fact,  we even love or mobiles so much that we can't wait until baby 3 arrives to hook it up and watch her reaction. This is why I'm really excited to bring you the below review and giveaway from We're Parents?!

About the company: Tiny Love is a multi-award winning toy and baby company founded in 1991. They focus on creating toys and accessories to promote and maximize baby's development from birth to 12 months.  Their products are in more than 50 countries around the world. They strive for innovation and originality. Tiny Love has a team of experts in child developments that guides their creative team in inventing new products. Quality & Safety are at the top of their list of priorities and all products meet the most rigorous safety standards. 

Ever since Baby Skibbles was about a week old, I've kept a night light on in the room (we co-sleep).  It was the perfect way for me to still be able to see to change her diaper or nurse without fully turning on the light.  As she's grown older, the night continued to work for these reasons, but I learned the hard way that what I had mistaken as plastic, was actually a glass light when a now mobile Baby Skibbles pulled it down and it hit something and shattered.  I quickly scooped her up and was thankful she wasn't hurt, but now realized that I needed something that would still give great light during the night, but be much safer for my precious baby.  Luckily, Tiny Love just came out with their Magical Night 3-in-1 Mobile Projector and it was just what I had been looking for...and so much more.

When the box arrived, Baby Skibbles seemed really interested as to what was inside this bright and colorful box. She actually got upset with me when I took her away to try to open it (so we let her play with it for awhile--ever find it amazing how obsessed kids are with boxes!). 

There were a total of seven pieces in the box and everything was super easy to put together. It can convert from a mobile to a music box to a night lamp to last from birth to toddlerhood (and beyond). It's gender neutral and it's fun animals and nature theme will fit into any decor.

The back comes off for placement of batteries (not included).  I was really surprised how long the batteries lasted!  We have played it for HOURS and it's still going strong! For the mobile, just snap the neck in and attach the back and you are ready it go.  It's amazingly easy. 

If you are using it as a mobile, the shade easily fits into the neck and then each of the three animals loop into the shade with velcro that can be removed later.

One your baby is a little older there is a blue rod that is hidden in the back that pops up and the shade fits on top of that to make the night lamp. 

There are tons of amazing features in the Magical Night Baby Mobile too!  There is a mute button in case you want the lights to play, without music, as well as increase and decrease volume buttons, as located on the front left side of the main body.  On the front right side are three themes of music, Nature, Classic, and Lullaby.  Each button plays three different songs and each lasts for a total of 30 minutes before turning itself off.  On the right side of the main body of the mobile are four function, off, music without lights or movement, music with lights and movement, music with movement, but no light.  There truly is not a way that I could think of that isn't covered with these different options. 

The Magical Night 3-in-1 Baby Mobile Projector can be a baby mobile, a night lamp, or a music box, and is sure to last your baby well into their toddler years.  We adore this product. 

We still have it set up as the mobile because she just loves looking at it and playing with it before bed time.  It has brought up so many cute moments together and I'm so lucky to watch her continue to grow with such an awesome product.

As with all of our Tiny Love products, we couldn't be happier.  We absolutely adore their newest product and can't wait to see what their design next.  We are sure it's going to be just as fabulous.  I can seriously only think of one suggestion and that would be creating a remote to go with the mobile.  Just for those times where you aren't in the room and you don't want to turn on the light to see, it would be great to have a remote to turn it on from a distance. We definitely will be adding this to our list of amazing baby shower gifts.

To watch a video on all the great features described above, go here.

BUY IT: You can view more details about the Magical Night Mobile which retails at $69.99, view Tiny Love's entire product line, and/or make a purchase by visiting their website HERE.

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