Day 2: Pinterest Challenge: Fancy Pancakes

Hello again!  As I stated in my Day 1 Pinterest Challenge post, I have decided to take on Pinterest and determine once and for all, can the average mom or person, who isn't truly crafty by nature, but has a desire to be, actually complete pins that look and sound easy?! Or is Pinterest the ultimate mom trap?!

Well, here we are at Day 2 and I have decided to take on a pin that I found a while ago and even bought the supplies for but never attempted.  It's a pin that showcases using squirt bottles to create pretty, delicate pancakes for your kids or anyone you love! Looks and sounds easy, right? Let's just see how I did....

Here is the link to the Pin I am attempting.

I used the pancake recipe suggested on the pin as it said it would be slightly thinner to ease the exit from the squeeze bottles.   It is located on Bite Delite.


  • Plastic Squeeze Bottle
  • Pancake Batter
  • Plastic funnel (I didn't have one, but it would have made it a little easier)


Fill squeeze bottle with batter and create your fancy pancakes on a hot pan or griddle. Let them slightly brown on one side and then flip to the other for a few minutes.


The batter was definitely thinner than a regular pancake batter. It was a great, easy recipe and the hardest part was filling the bottles.  I used a spoon, but definitely recommend getting a funnel.
Unfortunately, I don't think I mixed the batter enough because it clogged up my squeeze bottle a few times.  Which resulted in the top exploding off.  After we got past that incident, I continued forward in my quest to make fancy pancakes. The kids enjoyed watching me and this is actually a very easy and fun activity and I think older kids (5+) would really enjoy it!

Outcome: kids were impressed, but my pancakes just didn't look very fancy.  Below are some samples.  We still really enjoyed them and they tasted pretty good.  The batter is a little bit more like a crepe flavor, so I recommend adding some type of syrup or jam to them when you eat them.


I would definitely stir the batter more or use my stand mixer to get it thinner and possible add a bit more milk.  Otherwise, this was a lot of fun and although they didn't really look that pretty, the kids did enjoy them and loved having the



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Special thanks to Recipe By Photo and Bite Delite for the pin and recipe.


  1. Why was it a fail? The kids liked it, they look fairly good for a first time and they tasted OK, right? I say it was a win!!! Good job!

  2. LOL!!! This looks like something that would happen to me, just remember practice makes perfect!!

  3. I honestly don't think it was all bad. I'm sure your kids aren't as critical as you but I'm that way too. I'm my worst critic. Looks like it was fun but a bit messy. Maybe with practice it can turn out better.

    ~ Dee Mauser

  4. Neat Idea! I bet my kids would love to see something other than a plain old circle every morning!! You did a great job!!

  5. I think it sounds fun, and the tip on the funnel is a good one. :)


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