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Oh Baby Baby! I just gave birth to our third child, Baby L. on 11/1 and in honor of her birth, I have teamed up with Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos & Little Angel on a Mission to feature some of our absolute must-have baby & mama items!

Today Features:

Remember when I checked out Gymboree for the first time during their BIG Red Balloon sale back in July?  Well they've released some pretty awesome holiday collections that I couldn't let ya'll miss out on!

What I love about Gymboree is that their collections are both fun and versatile.  They feature collections with the sweet and cozy classics like the Fair Isle Reindeer sweater and the adorable Silver Bells outfit, as well as fun and nontraditional collections like the Winter Peacock (seriously, click that link and check it out! GORGEOUS!) and London Lad.  I like that you can find both your winter wardrobe and your picture-perfect attire at one place....and be guaranteed to look good :)

Let's spill the beans! Here's what we hauled off on our holiday shopping spree:

Mr. Magician Plaid Shirt Regularly $26.95, on sale for $13.19!
Tiger in Glasses long-sleeved shirt (no longer available online), Regularly $14.99, on sale for $5.95!
London shirt (no longer available online), Regulary $14.99, on sale for $8.39
(this shirt was available in every size in our local Gymboree, so I'm sure its still in stores!)

Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater; Regularly $32.95, on sale for $13.19
Tattersall Shirt Regularly $26.95, on sale for $10.79!
Blue, Black, White striped bowtie, Regularly $10.95, on sale for $5.39!
(this bowtie is no longer available online; here's a link to another bowtie though!)

And of course some Elf Boy Christmas Pajamas!
These are no longer available online, but there were plenty in our store.  They have this one with a boy elf, as well as a girl elf (I believe the shirt on that one was red) set too!
Regularly $21.95, on sale for $12.30!

Unfortunately we were very limited with shopping the holiday collection in-store.  Apparently they were wiped out just the day before, so literally the only pieces available in Buddy Doo's size were the Tattersall shirt and the Fair Isles Reindeer sweater.  I added the bowtie because well, I think they're just too adorable, but it also dresses it up a little more.  We actually snagged a solid white button down from Gymboree back in July that was just a little too big, so we'll pair it with the sweater  too.  I love the grey and black checkered shirt with it (a lot more than I thought I would!) and I can't wait to see how it looks in pictures!  Last year we all dressed in red and the men/boys dressed in red/green/white checkered shirts.  Blue is such a pretty color and I think it'll be nice not to do red for a change :) The fabric is so durable and of such nice quality that I know it'll both hold up through the holidays as well as for our next baby.  Nothing's more frustrating than either not being able to wear a certain outfit until its picture day because your toddler is going to rip, stain, or tear it up before then, or it'll lose its gorgeous color and fade.  We've never had an issue with Gymboree's clothing, so you best believe we'll be rocking these adorable outfits throughout the holiday season!

Gymboree's clothing is so versatile too! Each piece in each collection is carefully designed for easy mix and matching.  That way your wardrobe's potential can be fully maximized and you can enjoy several different outfits.  You can dress something up or down easily.  Plus, its less you have to carry in your diaper bag when you have a shirt that matches well with two different pants (or vice versa).  Just look how stinking CUTE Buddy Doo looks in his Tattersall shirt and a tie we got from the last trip to Gymboree (this adorable ensemble totals only $11.58!!).

Now all of you Pinterest addicts, listen up: Gymboree has the perfect Christmas Eve pajamas in stores right now!! We actually eeny meeny miny moe-d it with two of the store associates because none of us could pick between all of the holiday pajamas! We did our Christmas Eve box early because we couldn't contain ourselves...I just had to see those sweet, chubby legs in these adorable striped pj's.  Who knows, we'll probably go back for a second pair for another Christmas Eve box! These are crazy soft and cozy and keep him warm all night.  The appliqued elf is so well-done and the quality of this pajama set is worth every penny.  Its a little more expensive than we normally would have spent on pajamas, but boy, we're already ready to snatch up some more at its more-affordable sale price!

We adore Gymboree.  I keep telling myself that I need to shop at their online website because my store is always out-of-stock of what I want, but their store associates are so caring and energetic that it really is such a great experience shopping.  Even Buddy Doo enjoys it!  Their collections are always so exciting to explore and I'm never disappointed in what we get, no matter how many washes they go through!

Head on over to Gymboree so your little can slumber their weary selves in these oh so soft and festive pajamas :) Jingle toes!

Its the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? The holiday season is truly the best time to be a kid.

We asked Buddy Doo some questions about why he thinks its the best time to be a kid. Check out his answers :)

Q: What's your favorite thing that mom cooks during the holidays?
A: Bah! Gah! Da Da
(uh oh, we won't tell daddy Buddy Doo's hungry lol!)

Q: What's your favorite part about decorating for the holidays?
A: Daaaa Da! Yeah. Yeah!
(Daddy is always home more around the holidays (less work load) We'll assume he means Daddy putting up the tree -wink-)

Q: What do you want for Christmas this year?
A: -big smile- -runs to train table- Yeah! Yeah!
(We gave him his train table early.  Daddy says its because we can't really hide it.  I say its because Daddy secretly wants to play with trains.)

Ask your kiddos why they're excited to be a kid during the holidays and share their answers below!

Buy it: You can shop the holiday collection at Gymboree both online and in stores! You can find the charming pieces Buddy Doo wore like the Fair Isle Reindeer sweater vest for $13.19 (reg. $32.95), Tattersall shirt for $10.79 (reg. $26.95), and bowtie for $5.39 (red. $10.95)!
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