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Oh Baby Baby! I just gave birth to our third child, Baby L. on 11/1 and in honor of her birth, I have teamed up with Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos & Little Angel on a Mission to feature some of our absolute must-have baby & mama items!

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About Peepods (source:

In 2012, I started researching ways to better serve my family through healthy eating and chemical-free living.  As I researched, I came across the idea of washable period pads.  At first the idea was so foreign to me that I quickly dismissed it.  After considering the concept for a while, I began to research the options available on the market today.  Nothing seemed to fit my scrupulous requirements for functionality yet dignified beauty.  Thus, research and development of Peepods began.  As our company has evolved, we have not wavered from our original vision of creating something that is not only functional but beautiful.
As Peepods started to gain popularity, I received many inquiries as to whether these pads could be used by women for mild incontinence.  Upon fielding these questions, I began researching the need for a washable incontinence pad.  I could find nothing to meet the needs of a large population of women who suffer daily from mild incontinence.  I found that many women suffer quietly from depression and an altered social life due to the embarrassment of incontinence.
My conviction that all women must be treated with dignity, regardless of their physical condition or age was further reinforced when my grandmother came to live with our family a few years ago.  She was wheelchair bound and completely incontinent, so my 13 year old daughter and I worked together diligently to meet her needs. While performing daily tasks of diapering, bathing, dressing and feeding, it required a lot of thought and creativity to bring dignity to her life, which has carried over into our vision for Peepods.
At Peepods, we want to help make a difference in the lives of women, and we are thrilled to offer a product that is extremely absorbent, beautiful and comfortable all in one!  With your purchase of any set of  Peepods, our company  will send the same item to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa Ethiopia  – pod for pod!  The women who come to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital suffer from a condition called obstetric fistula due to an overwhelming absence of obstetric care in the country.  Peepods washable pads will make a difference in the lives of these women by providing comfort and dignity as they deal with the socially, emotionally and often physically devastating effects of their condition.

S.M.M. Review

I received two Peepod Longs in one of each color for review.  I received them just before I gave birth to Baby L. and used them during my postpartum recovery.  As any woman knows, after giving birth, you are given a ton of disposable supplies for postpartum bleeding.   Personally, with my two previous kids, I always found the supplies to be extremely uncomfortable and usually ditched them for some different disposable pads when I got home.  I mean, who really invented those pads that give you in the hospital?!  They are rough and not shaped correctly at all! My guess..a man ;-)  Anyways! I was excited to try out mama cloth during my postpartum recovery as I had heard from so many of my mama friends how much they love it!  I was also a little nervous about cleaning and caring for something else on top of myself, a newborn, and 2 kids under 4.

I admit I hesitated for a few days after getting home to try them out, but once I did, I was in love!  They are so comfortable and soft!  Immediately upon wearing one of them made me wish I had 100! They just snap right around your underwear and you are good to go.  The length of the Peepod long is perfect for postpartum or overnight period bleeding. Since this was my only experience with mama cloth, I only had the two, but you can be sure that I was washing them every day, just so I could use them daily.
Now, what about cleaning them?  Easy, peasy! Just rinse in cold water and store in a wetbag (or soak in bucket of cold water) until laundry time and then just wash with like colors with the detergent of your choice and dry on medium heat!  It just doesn't get much easier!
As you can tell, I am head over heels for mama cloth and plan on using it from here on out! No more scratchy, uncomfortable disposables for this mama! Plus, I am saving money and our planet! Bonus! Oh yeah, and they are really PRETTY!

Learn More/Buy: You can learn more about Peepods and purchase their entire product line on their website!  Also, be sure to become a fan of them on Facebook and Twitter!

Win: Enter below to win your choice of either 3 Peepods or 6 Nursing Pads! Open Worldwide! Giveaway ends 1/18/14 at 11:59 pm CST.

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  1. The incontinence pads. After 3 kids a could use a little back up.

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  3. WET/DRY TRAVEL BAG BY PLANET WISE this would be great to carry them in a must to have

  4. I would love to use the Sweetpea Postpartum Pads after my baby is born!
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  5. I like the cranberry period pads.

  6. I'd like to have the WET/DRY TRAVEL BAG BY PLANET WISE. I think it would come in very handy when traveling.

  7. I also like the nursing pads. Those look like a nice reusable option!

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  9. I want more nursing pads and the planet wise wet bags <3

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