Sharing is Caring! A new way to share my blog content!

Have you noticed this little icon floating around my blog? 
It's a fun new way to share any post directly from the blog to various social media outlets!

How does it work? 
It's very simple.  Just put your cursor over the heart and it expands as seen below. Then just select the social media outlet that you would like to share the post on and it will bring you to that social media page to be able to add/edit a message to go along with your share.  That's it!
Where do I find it? 
What's great is that this little heart follows you where-ever you go on the page. Its located on left side of the page. The only time you won't see it is when viewing the site in mobile version.

Why share posts?
Sharing is great for lots of reasons.  For you, it gives you the opportunity to share things you enjoyed reading or giveaways you entered with your family and friends.  For me, the more you share, the larger audience my blog posts reach, therefore exposing the blog to more sponsors and bringing you bigger/better giveaways! It's a win,win! Not to mention, it's a nice way to say "Thank You" to a blogger for taking the time to write the post or host a giveaway.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, this button is now a heart. Stay tuned in the future, as it may morph into other fun and festive shapes!

Thanks for reading and remember Sharing is Caring!

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