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As soon as you find out you are having a baby, one of the first things that comes to mind is diapers.  I mean, every baby needs them and so you start researching. Every single parent has their opinion of the best ones out there. Some parents love the affordability of one diaper but not it's ability to stop leaks, while others have found a more expensive diaper that works, but it's a budget-buster.  

What every parent wants is a diaper that's easy to find, affordable, gentle on their baby's skin and effective at preventing leaks.  If it's cute, that's an added bonus. I'm here to introduce you to Huggies NEW Little Snugglers Diapers
Are they easy to find?  Absolutely!  I just sent Savy Daddy to the local Target store where they were stocked in variety of sizes (Preemies - Size 3).  Also the packaging was nice and bright, so he didn't have any trouble locating them on the shelves! That's a bonus in my mind.  Also, you can easily add these to your Target Baby Registry

Affordable?  Absolutely! They are available at grocery stores and mass retailers all over the country for around $11.99 for a jumbo pack and $22.99 for a super pack. Plus, they are one of the best brands for finding coupons or on sale at your local store or!

Soft & Gentle on Baby's Skin? Yes! Honestly, when I took them out of the package, I was really happy to find that they were so soft.  You know how much your baby loves your hugs, well these are like a hug for your baby's bottom. The inside of the diaper has a GentleAbsorb layer that has these very soft bumps on it to pull the moisture away from the skin.  Think about your favorite cottony soft shirt that you wish you could wear every day.  Your baby gets that feeling at every diaper change with these diapers! Even the waistband of these diapers is soft and gentle.  I would say it's like your favorite pair of yoga pants (you know you have a favorite).  
Leak Protection? Savy Baby was just about 16 pounds, so we went with a size 2 and 3 diaper.  What we found was that the size 2 was a really nice fit on her even though she was close to the top of the range and we never had a single leak, even at nighttime! As for the size 3, she also fit comfortably into those and they held a bit more overnight and no leak issues either! What I love about these diapers is that they have this ruffled leg hole to prevent leaks, as well as a flexible waistband that keeps the diaper securely on your baby to prevent the dreaded "poop up the back." 

Favorite feature? This would have to be the wetness indicator! I just think this is the best thing, especially when I baby is little and you can't always tell if the diaper is wet from feeling from the outside.  It's great that it just turns from yellow to green when the diaper is wet and you know it's time for a change!

Overall, we felt that the diapers were gentle on Savy Baby's sensitive skin and protected her from leaks onto her clothes.  We really like that they have that cottony soft GentleAbsorb Liner on the inside as it does an nice job of keeping the moisture away from her skin and avoiding rashes.  

I highly recommend checking out these diapers for all the little ones in your life. 

Ready to change your diaper routine?  Visit your local Target or to start shopping! 

Expecting? Make sure you check out the Huggies Register Your Wish page to learn how you can win your wish! Add them to your Target Registry today!

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