Pajama Pouch Review and Giveaway

I know that in my house bedtime can be a challenging time of the day. It's the time when we ask our little ones to start unwinding from the excitement of their day and get ready for bed. For us, as adults, bedtime often comes naturally and easily, but for the little ones in our lives, it can be tough. For this reason, we work hard to build routines and stick to them every night, as children have a harder time predicting what is to come next and routines help to alleviate confusion and anxiety.  And a big part of every bedtime routine is changing into our pajamas.  This physical task helps our bodies and minds to transition from day to night.

In my family's situation, it is not always easy to motivate our son (3 years old) to change into his pajamas, as he is acutely aware that bedtime is not far after.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out and review the Pajama Pouch, I was thrilled!  Like I said earlier, bedtime can be challenging and I am willing to try anything that will help to make it less so.

Here is some information from their website about the product:

  • Pajama Pouch™ is a fun and functional addition to your child's bedroom!
  • Use the Pajama Pouch™ to hold pajamas in a cute pouch that looks like a pillow on their bed during the day. At night, Pajama Pouch™ serves as a convenient way for children to find their pajamas when getting ready for bed. 
  • The tooth fairy pocket is a great place to hold any baby teeth for the Tooth Fairy!
  • The Pajama Pouch™ is over-sized at 18" high and 15" wide. 

Our review: 
Our Cooper!
As soon as we received Cooper (Pajama Pouch), I took it out of the package and immediately opened up the back and stuffed it with Nicholas' pajamas.  I noticed that it would easily hold 3 or more sets of his pajamas, which is great, since we usually dress him down in our family room and have to run upstairs to get pajamas.
Stuffed with Nicholas' PJs
After stuffing it, I closed it up and showed it to him. He really liked it!  He immediately asked me about it and I showed him that it held his pajamas and that after his bath that night he could pick his pajamas out of the back and put them on.  He was excited by the idea of this and even allowed the Pajama Pouch to sit next to him on the couch while he watched a DVD.  For everyone that doesn't know my son, that's a HUGE compliment for a "toy"!  Nicholas is a pretty picky kid when it comes to stuffed animals, so I was really happy that he was carrying it around and giving it hugs.  When it was time for bath, he happily carried it upstairs by the handle and then it hung on the door handle to the linen closet outside the bathroom until he was done.
Carrying Cooper by his handle
Getting his PJs out
Once finished, he immediately grabbed it and carried it back downstairs.  Once downstairs, he couldn't wait to open it up and pull out a pair of pajamas and put them on. For the rest of the night, he loved looking at it and snuggling it. Since that first night, we have really found that the Pajama Pouch not only helps with getting Nicholas to comply with "PJ Time", but it also helps us to stay organized. I can't tell you how many nights we "convince" him to put on his PJs, only to realize that we forgot to bring them down from his bedroom and that we will have to convince him a second time once we retrieve some.  The Pajama Pal has alleviated this issue, since when I am folding clean clothes in the family room, I now just stuff the back of it with 3-4 PJs and we are good to go until the next load of the kids' clothes.
Overall, we feel that Cooper is a convenient, helpful, very lovable friend for any little one's bedtime routine and know that he will be around in our house for many years to come! My final thought is "Finally a "stuffed animal" that earns his keep around here!"

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*  


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