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Every mom who uses cloth diapers is looking for easy to use, affordable diapers in super fun prints!  I think that the answer to this is Tender Tushies diapers!  Tender Tushies has a range of styles, materials and cloth diapering essentials that are sure to fit any cloth diapering budget or need. Just checkout out their selection! I couldn't believe they have such cute diapers as low as $8.00/each! 

Below are some details from their site:
A Little Bit About Us….
We are a Maple Ridge, BC based company that strives to provide cloth diapers for every budget!
After months of trying many different types of diapers and getting parents feedback, we have chosen these diapers as our favorites.
Our goal at Tender Tushies is to provide you with all the important facts and stats to choose how you cover your little ones “tushie”.


Cloth diapers aren’t what they use to be!

Many people think using and cleaning cloth diapers is hard, well think again.

Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly.

  • Did you know the average baby will need 7,349 diapers through till potty training. Disposable diapers are the largest make up of house hold garbage and the average baby creates 2.5 tons of garbage that go into our landfills.
  • Did you know that over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feed stocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for 1 child for 1 year!
  • Disposable diapers contain trace amounts of Dioxin which is an extremely toxic chemical that is a by-produt of the paper bleaching process.
  • Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate. This is a chemical that is used to make diapers “super absorbent”, and you can sometimes find its gel like substance against a baby’s skin when wet.


It will cost you an average of $2,700 to use disposable diapers until your child is 2 1/2 but a good cloth diapering package can cost you as little as $300. Consider if you use these cloth diapers for more than one baby you will be doubling your savings!


Cloth diapers are not pins and plastic pants anymore. They are usually made from a waterproof material (PUL) and have an insert that is made of microfiber, bamboo or hemp. When you are changing your little one, you just take off the cloth diaper and put it in a dry pail until your ready to do laundry. There is no bleaching, no messy wet pails, no picking out poop! If the diaper is soiled and the poop doesn’t shake off right away, just give it a rinse and throw it in your bucket!

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