Fotor: Free Photo Editor/Collage Maker! Great for any project!

One of the things I love most about being a parent in 2013 is that we can easily take photos and have them on our phones, tablets, computers to edit and share with everyone! I tend to do this not only for my blog work, but also for my personal photos.  Since I have family all over the country, I like to make photo collages of the kids and share them with them but don't have hours to endlessly do so.

I also remember a time when finding a good phone editing software was not only difficult, but also extremely pricey! Now there are so many free ones that it's hard to figure which you should actually use and are genuinely user-friendly and efficient. Because, let's be honest, none of us have time to actually spend hours creating photo masterpieces!

Let me introduce you to Fotor! Fotor is free photo editing software that is available online or for download to any device!

Why Fotor? 

Check out these features:
  • Photo Editor
    • Easy 1-Tap Photo Enhancer
    • Basic editing like Crop, Rotate, Tone, Color
    • Add photo special effects such Halloween themes that change the look of the photo.
    • Borders to enhance the photo.  Themed ones for holidays!
    • Clip art gallery where you can add images to your photo
    • Text editing gallery which allows you to add basic/premium font text to your image.
    • Easy share to Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms. 

  •  Collage Creator
    • Add photos and create collage easily
    • Huge gallery of basic collage templates and layouts to meet any project needs. 
    • Funky (unusual) collage templates such as flowers or themed for holidays.
    • Shape collage gallery where you can take a library of photos and create a specific shape (i.e. Mickey Mouse)
    • Photo stitching
    • Montage collage feature
    • Easy share to Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  •  Card Creator
    • This feature makes it easy to create cards for any occasion. 
    • Themes include Father's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Holidays, and many more!  
  • Photo Frames
    • These are a collection of fun photo frames that can add style and fun to any photo! 

Ease of Use

Fotor is easily accessible via their online website, where you can have access to all of the above features so much more! The tools on the website easily upload any pictures you select from your local computer and then you can switch between the photo editor/collage tools to create your project.  Personally, I really like the way that the menus are laid out really easy to understand and that all of the features are free to use!  I have used other photo editing/collage sites and they often give you a very limited amount of basic features and want you to upgrade to a "PRO" version of the software/online account for the rest. 
If you don't want to use the website or want to use this on the go more easily, they have a really nice free downloadable version of the software.  This version also allows you to easily edit photos and create collages using many of the same features as the online product.  It is available on any device you own (i.e. Android, Windows, Mac).  Below is a screenshot of the software I downloaded to my computer:

Want to get started?

 You can download Fotor directly from their website!

Also, be sure to become a fan of Fotor on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 

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  1. This looks awesome! I'm always editing photos and love programs that are super easy to use, thanks for showing me this!

  2. one of the easiest, because of one click using, programs is photolemur photo enhancer app, realy, just try it. oh, or you can try pixlr, realyy good too :)

  3. tnx, ill try to check photolemur, one tap photo editors is best decision for me!


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