The first ten days..

Well, it's been 11 days since Baby L. entered our crazy life! After having two previous babies in the last four years, I figured this one would be easy. Haha!
It hasn't been too bad, but so far we have encountered:
  • Fairly quick labor and delivery (7 hours)
  • Baby born with cord wrapped very tight (daddy didn't get to cut this time since it was an emergency) which led to delay in initial response cries (cue panicky mommy) and slightly lower APGAR scores 7/9.
  • Largest baby born at 8# 6oz.
  • Baby born with most amount of hair! Full head and almost jet black!
  • Baby who refuses to sleep anywhere except attached to mommy. Thank you Moby Wrap! Prayed for sleep..
  • Breast milk jaundice. Yellow baby! Prayed for poop..
  • Very slow weight gain (our current battle). Goodbye sleep that we prayed we must wake her up every two hours.
  • Four year old with major anxiety that we will leave in the middle of the night again. Bedtime is fun...
  • Two year old with a 48 hour fever which led to baby and mommy quarantine. Super daddy to the rescue!
Other than that we have enjoyed lots of hugs, kisses, a big sister who adores her baby sister to the moon and back and a big brother who doesn't want to hold his new baby sister but admits he still likes her.

All in all, it's not going exactly as expected but we love our bigger family and every single day together is a new and exciting adventure.

Next week, I'll tackle being home alone ALL DAY with three kids under 4!

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  1. Baby L welcome to the world! Don't give momma and daddy to much trouble :P
    Congrats, she is beautiful!


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