Life is a journey and it's led me back to you!

If you've been a follower of my blog for the last few years you'll have noticed that I basically disappeared from writing over the last 362 days. Aside from a random post or two, it's been quieter than a room with a sleeping newborn baby.

Why? Life. That's the thing about life, it happens. Sometimes we have warning and sometimes we don't. Even when things happen that we know are going to happen, we can be completely caught off-guard by the waterfall affect that happens within our lives follow such events. In this case, we're talking about divorce. The long, narrow, often overwhelming road to divorce.

I could write dozens of posts about this (actually I have but those are private for now), but let's just say it's been a JOURNEY. However, what matters to me most to share at this point is where I am today. And today, I'm here, typing this post, ready to come back full-force to the blogging world.

I feel: Stronger. Confident. Wiser, Smarter. Weathered.

So, what does this mean for the future of this blog? Well, it's going to be featuring more about life as a single mom. That'll include posts about budgeting, cooking, etc. plus a few about emotionally navigating this space with three little ones. I'll also be working with many local and country-wide events to bring you photos and videos from such experiences.

I'm truly excited about coming back and can't wait to share with you loads of information both fun and helpful. Thanks for sticking around with me!

While I work to get new content up and running you can follow along on our journey on both Instagram and Facebook