Savy Mommy's Favorite Smartphone and Tablet Apps: October 2014

*Disclosure: This post is not sponsored in any way. These are simply the apps I personally love to use on my Android smartphone and iPad this month.  Use at your own risk :-)

Photo Editing: Photo Grid - Collage Maker
Platform: Android
Cost: Free or $1.99 for ad-free version.
I have tried a ton of apps, and this is by far my favorite on my Android smartphone.  In fact, a lot of the images you see on my review and blog posts have been edited using this app.  Some of my favorite features include:
-Single Photo Editing
-Collage Creation - Grid and Free Layouts
-Custom cropping
-Custom fonts for text overlays
-Photo editing settings for Instagram posting
-Tons of editing options

Get Your Flu Vaccine at CVS MinuteClinic & 20% Off CVS Shopping Pass! #flushot #minuteclinic

*Disclosure:I have received promotional consideration from MinuteClinic to write this post.

It's that time of year again, Cold & Flu Season, and with these things comes a whole host of "fun" for your family!  If you are someone who protects your family with the flu vaccine, they I recommend you check out your local CVS Pharmacy/Minute Clinic.  It's easy & convenient to get it.  Also, you will receive a 20% off CVS shopping pass to use on your in-store purchases.  

Here is some more information from my partners at CVS about the flu and the vaccinations they provide. 

What is the “flu”, anyways? The flu is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. It
can develop very quickly and with flu, you always have a fever. Other common
symptoms include headache, sore throat, dry cough, stuffy or runny nose and
muscle aches (ugh).

VTech Holiday Toy #Giveaway! $130+ ARV!

Welcome to the VTECH
Holiday Toy Giveaway
Hosted by: We're Parents!?
Sponsored by: VTech

The holidays are upon us and with them comes the time to buy fun gifts like TOYS! Personally, I love to buy toys that are safe, fun, and easy to use for the little ones in my life but when trying to pick them out there are tons to choose from!
We're here to make your Holiday Shopping a little easier this year by offering ONE lucky reader a chance to win these FOUR fabulous toys from VTECH! Valued at over $130, it's the perfect way to get your shopping started (or finished if your an early bird!).  All four of these toys are recommended for 12 months to 36 months and are perfect learning and educational toys with VTECH's high quality!

Here's what one person will win:

33 Parenting Tests: Children Are Life's Smallest Professors #momlife #parentinghumor

When you become a parent, you are put through a series of tests like no other.  These are not your ordinary question/answer tests, but rather real-life, previously unimaginable tests given to you by your child(ren).  From the moment they are born, through the many years ahead, these beautiful little miracles test your ability to do many things, including how to....

  • Change a diaper in complete darkness.

Americans and Parenting Religion: I'm a Worshiper! Are You? #poweroftheinternet #WTF #parentingreligion

This is the latest article making it's way around the "let's tell American moms their doing it wrong by making them feel bad" circuit: How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage.  I read the article. A few times.  And's annoying and I just can't see any value in it. 

Why? Because it's a ridiculous article that is generalizing the way some people handle their children and marriage to all American parents, more notably American moms. It's just another stone thrown in the direction of parents to make us all feel like failures as husbands and wives.
The entire article is focused on this idea of a "parenting religion".  I mean, I guess I understand the similarities between parenting and religion.  If the comparison (or term) means that parenting involves unwavering devotion to giving our all in the name of a single (or multiple) being while surrounding ourselves with like-minded parents to support our journey and devotion, then I guess you can call it a religion of sorts.
This statement near the beginning "Nothing in life is allowed to be more important than our children, and we must never speak a disloyal word about our relationships with our offspring." makes me want to scream.

Get Your "Soup On" & Give Back to the Community at the Naperville Rotary Club's Charity Event - October 19, 2014 #SoupsOn14

*Disclosure: Images provided by The Rotary Club of Naperville. This post has been compensated by The Rotary Club of Naperville and its advertisers. All opinions are my own.

Can you imagine waking up every day worrying about where your next bite of food for you and your family will come from? There are hundreds of families in DuPage county each day that face this fear. Thankfully, there are resources out there to help, such as shelters and food pantries. These types of services rely on the kindness of the community to give to those in need.

On Sunday, October 19th, the Rotary Club of Naperville will be hosting “Soup’s On!”, a fun, family focused fundraiser featuring great entertainment and plenty of delicious food.

Savy Family Adventures in the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Stand-On Stroller! #momlife #doublestroller

*Disclosure: I was sent the product(s) featured in this post in exchange for this review. The opinions are 100% my own.

As a parent, when you go from one child to two, one of the first things on your mind is “How am I going to push two little ones around?” You begin your hunt for the stroller that can tote your baby and your older child. There are tons of options out there.  Each one with plenty of features that meet can meet your needs.  Personally, I had always gravitated towards side by side strollers.  They just seemed easier to maneuver as well as lighter and easier to fold.  That was until I met the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller!  You may have previously read my review of the Joovy Boob and know how much we love that product.  Well, this is another wonderful product by the same company!

I was introduced to this stroller at an amazing local parenting conference MommyCon.

Finding Mary Poppins: Tips and Tricks for Hiring a Nanny #momlife #childcare

Disclosure: This post is based purely on our personal experiences.  It may contain affiliate links which help us run this blog.

Picture this.  You are three weeks from returning to work and you have a preschooler, toddler and infant that you will need full-time childcare.  You have a family friend all lined up and suddenly they can no longer help you out.  This is exactly where we were just 9 months ago. And for the 3 months prior to that point, I had always known we needed to hire someone, but I was terrified at the idea Here are some tips and tricks to finding your Mary Poppins. 

Where do you look?

Backstage Pass: Behind the Review & Givewaway Posts #BloggerBackstage

Hi everyone! I appreciate all of you and wanted to give you a little sneak peak into what occurs backstage (aka behind the scenes) of a typical review and giveaway post.  I admit, before I got into blogging, I thought "What could be so hard about that?! It looks like it's quick and easy and you get free stuff!"  Now that I've been doing this for nearly two years I realize it's just not the case.  So, I wanted to give you a little peak into the typical process of posting a high-quality review and giveaway on a blog.