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As a parent, when you go from one child to two, one of the first things on your mind is “How am I going to push two little ones around?” You begin your hunt for the stroller that can tote your baby and your older child. There are tons of options out there.  Each one with plenty of features that meet can meet your needs.  Personally, I had always gravitated towards side by side strollers.  They just seemed easier to maneuver as well as lighter and easier to fold.  That was until I met the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller!  You may have previously read my review of the Joovy Boob and know how much we love that product.  Well, this is another wonderful product by the same company!

I was introduced to this stroller at an amazing local parenting conference MommyCon.
This stroller was really nice looking and sleek, as well as lightweight.  Not to mention, the purple color is beautiful and not overwhelming, so anyone can push it around.  We were able to bring the stroller home from the conference and start trying it out once the weather started to get warm outside.  Over the course of the last few months, this stroller has been tons of fun places with us! Walks to the park, local fairs, shopping trips and many more! It’s now our go to stroller for most daily adventures.

Watch the video below to see this stroller in action!

Here are some of my favorite things about the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller:

Expandable.  This is the coolest feature in my eyes! The stroller easily expands in length to accommodate more space for the child in the back if necessary.  I love that you aren’t forced to have it be as long as a double stroller all the time.  It’s like owning a single and double stroller all in one! Great for families that have one stroller child and one child that may or may not need a ride at some point during their outing.
Easy to open and fold. This stroller has a cool little latch and button integrated into the handle which only requires one hand to operate to easily fold or open the stroller.
Folded Size. When it’s folded, it’s the same size as our single stroller! We love that feature since it leaves us plenty of trunk space for grocery shopping or other stuff we need/buy on our adventures.
Lightweight. This stroller is really lightweight.  Supposedly it weighs about 33 pounds, but honestly it doesn’t even feel like that at all.  I have had some double strollers that I can’t even lift into the back of our SUV.
Removable and Adjustable Canopy. This stroller has a really nice sturdy canopy that can easily be removed for storage or when it’s not needed. The canopy is easily adjusted using just one hand.  And its range of coverage is really big and versatile.
Braking System. All four wheels have integrated brakes which are easy to apply and release with just one foot.  As you will see in my video, I am able to easily do this wearing a flip-flop style sandal.
Storage. The storage in this is really nice! It is located underneath the seats and can be expanded if needed.  We easily fit our diaper bag and other essentials in it.
Safety Harnesses. The front seat features a 5-point adjustable harness for little ones 6 months or older. The back seat also features a lap belt for use with a child at least 2 years of age.
Child Tray. This tray is nice because it has two built-in cup holders and swivels off so that you can easily take the child in or out of the seat.
Weight Limits.  This stroller has some really high limits which allow you to use it for longer.  The front and back seats have a weight limit of 55 pounds each.
Standing Platform.  Not only is there a rear bench, but there is also a standing platform if your child prefers to stand and face forward while riding.  We really like this for Savy Preschooler since he likes to just hop on and off when we are out and he wants to interact with his surroundings.
Additional Accessories.  You can purchase some nice accessories for this stroller like the Parent Organizer which features two integrated cup holders and a pocket which comes as a set with the two removable child cup holders for the child in the back. Also you can purchase a universal baby car seat adapter so you can easily push around your new baby with their older sibling.
Honestly, I could go on for many more paragraphs about all of the things we love about this stroller! It’s the most versatile one we have ever owned! This one has already been chosen to be the one we will be toting to Disney World in November! 

If you are expecting or have little ones, I highly recommend checking this stroller out! It’s the only one you’ll ever need and Joovy is a company I will stand behind any day.  They have integrity and ethics that surpass their competition. 

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Joovy [joo-vee]is a family gear brand offering forty-two active lifestyle products in eightkey categories. The Joovy product philosophy incorporates modern, functional,high quality features at value-driven price points with an emphasis on durabilityand utility.  Since 2005, Joovy has created premium products for thecontemporary family on the go.

The Joovy catalogfeatures exceptional, trend-setting products manufactured with high qualitycomponents and materials ensuring quality with every purchase.

Customer serviceis a top priority as Joovy encourages customers to contact friendly customerservice representatives dedicated to their complete satisfaction.

Our loyal andsatisfied consumer base has written thousands of online product reviews and isthe foundation of Joovy’s continuous growth and success.

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  1. Nice stroller and nice reviews too. Joovy's is alway best stroller and carseat for baby. All my kids used Joovy's


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