Time to Go Potty!

This DIY is a very easy, fun, and inexpensive craft for potty training your little one. I decided to give it a whirl with Nicholas who will be 3 near the end of the year.
At his school, they have a routine where all the kids sit every few hours and try and go potty.  But at home, we rarely had success getting him to sit, let alone go on it.  Since the goal was to have him potty trained by the age of 3, I figured it would be a good time to start really pushing it.  On a Saturday a few weeks ago, we all went to the local 1$ store and I picked up: 1 sheet of yellow poster board, 1 package of multicolor permanent markers, and 1 package of colored foil star stickers.  Then I used them to assemble Nicholas' potty chart. Here is the finished product:

Nicholas absolutely loved the stickers right away.  As you can see on the chart, Nicholas receives a small prize every 5 stickers! In the prize box, I have assembled some fun things like puzzles and books.  This is also fairly inexpensive as I bought the majority of the stuff at the local Goodwill for 59 cents each.  The rest of it we had collected over the years from various parties, school activities, etc.
Nicholas was so excited when he got his first prize!  He chose one of the small puzzles.  Beware though, as we learned, you need to keep the box out of sight, or otherwise, your little one will think the entire box is the prize and go through it when you aren't looking :-) Here is a picture of the prizes:

It's been about 3 weeks and Nicholas has been doing great!  He's even to the point, where he doesn't care as much about the stars and prizes, but is genuinely excited about just going potty!  Again, this project only cost a little over $3 for the board and another $7 for the books/puzzles.  As for the potty training, well, we all know it is priceless!

Oh, and just a little hint...my next giveaway will be something "Potty Time" related :-)

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