Little Love Buns: New Year, New Fluff Giveaway #clothdiapers


Well, this has been a really fun event to participate in and I hope you, my fans, have truly enjoyed the fun giveaways provided by such wonderful companies!  The "clean up" giveaway is sponsored by a company, Little Love Buns, that makes products specifically for just that, cleaning up (dirty diapers). Their detergent is made with only the best for your babies and diapers in mind, as it's eco-friendly, hard water friendly, and they have a huge variety of yummy sounding scents!

A nice message about this company from their website: 
My name is Dallas and I am the owner of Little Love Buns LLC. I am a proud wife and mother of 3. I started cloth diapering after the birth of my twins. I loved the cute and affordable cloth diapers, and my kids seemed to like them as well! However, I had a hard time finding a detergent that I just loved. I used several of the well known brands, but never found one that took care of all our diaper issues. The smell, stains, build up and irritation are just a few battles I've fought. After tons of research, I decided that I wanted to make a detergent that I would love and that would take care of the issues I was having. So after months of trying different recipes and having other cloth diapering parents try my product, I finally came up with what I thought was the prefect recipe.

One of my children has very sensitive skin and eczema so I wanted to come up with a detergent, wipe solution and soap that would help and not hurt her skin. I found ingredients that blended well together and worked wonders for her. I also found that after using the soap on my hands they stopped being so dry from washing them so often. I pride myself in making almost every product that I sell. I am proud of my product and truly hope that you love them as well!

Enter below to win this great product:
1 Regular Size Bag of Detergent ($9.50 ARV)

Open to US & Canada 

 Giveaway ends December 23, 2012 at 12:01 am est (rafflecopter time) 

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Special Thanks to We're Parents!? for organizing this great giveaway!

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