Yummy Greek Yogurt from Earth's Best!

Greek Yogurt and Earth’s Best!
Over the past few years, Greek Yogurt seems to be gaining an even larger fan base and new found popularity. Greek Yogurt is packed with even more nutrients than yogurt and has a delicious and unique taste. Greek Yogurt has nearly double the protein than regular yogurt and has half the amount of sodium found in regular yogurt. Greek Yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt which makes it a great way to fill up without excess snacking!
Earth’s Best’s line of Greek Yogurt Smoothies are a perfect snack for your toddler! These smoothies are made in great on-the-go pouches which make them ideal for snacking anytime and anywhere. Each Greek Yogurt smoothie is a natural, sweet blend of real organic fruit, yogurt and whey. One serving contains 3 grams of protein compared to 2 grams of protein in regular yogurt smoothies. Earth’s Best Organic™ Greek Yogurt Smoothies are a good source of calcium providing at least 20% the Daily Value of Vitamins C and D per serving, that helps builds strong teeth and bones and support healthy immune systems.
The Greek Yogurt smoothies are part of Earth’s Best’s line of 2nd foods for children six months and older. The new smoothies are available in three great tasting varieties-banana, cherry and apple. Earth’s Best Organic Greek Yogurt Smoothies contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

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  1. this is probably one of our favorite yogurts. I'm always happy to give it as a snack to the grand kiddies.


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