Day #10: Celebrate YOU! Mother of the Year: She Said What? Book Giveaway!

Mothers--our day is coming! That one day a year when you (hopefully) are pampered by your children and spouse. Every year, truly, I just pray that my children bless me by letting me sleep a solid 8 hours with no interruptions. I'm sure anyone with children under age 5 can relate! As mothers, we work hard! I'm not saying that motherhood isn't rewarding. It the biggest joy in my life, but we all need time for ourselves every now and then! This Mother's Day, send Dad out with the kids, then grab a glass of wine, fill the tub up, and relax in the quiet with a nice book--like this one!

Mother of the Year: She Said What? is a brand new book perfect for you to enjoy this Mother's Day!

With bright, contemporary art and edgy, hilarious text, this is not your standard Motherly advice book. Rather it's a cheerful collection of sassy quips and true quotes from real Moms on topics ranging from breakups to childbirth.  On finding love, Chris's Mom offers this: "The best love is when you can learn to love yourself as much as your shoe collection". Warm and fuzzy? Not so much. Rather it's a quirky collection of counsel from Mothers who have "been there".

About the Authors:
In between cocktails, Artist Jodi Pedri and Writer Tonja Steel draw and write about all things fabulous. They were inspired to create this book from experiencing their own personal mamma drama! They reached out to their fan base and a flood of mother of the year stories emerged. Together, they have a singular mission: to create adorable and memorable gifts for Working Girls everywhere.

Mother of the Year is a hardback gift book, all color and 72 pages long. It's easy to read in 5-10 minutes and sure to brighten any mom's day! Pick it up today for your mom, wife, sister, or even yourself! It's perfect for any woman!

You can purchase Mother of the Year (along with other goodies from Working Girls Inc) by clicking here, or look for the book at Barnes and Noble. Also, make sure you like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their blog!

The members of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network have teamed up with Working Girls Inc to offer our readers a fantastic giveaway! We have NINE copies of this book to give away to our readers! If you'd like to win just enter using the easy Rafflecopter Entry form below. Good luck!

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