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Holiday Time!  That means extra family, food and fun!  But, what it doesn't have to mean is extra pounds or calories. And believe me, when I say that I am a sweets addict and I love the holidays because they are full of yummy homemade ones that you just don't get any other time of the year.  And besides the sweets there are appetizers and homemade feasts galore! Are you like me and reach for everything else before the salad and then just fill that tiny slice of plate that is left with it, or just skip it because who wants salad mixed in with all of their food? If so, then I'll give you some insight into three methods that I find work the best for me all year long, but especially on the holidays.

1. Eat the salad/veggies and lean protein first.  

Yes, you read that right.  My best method for making sure I get those all important nutritious foods in during a big meal is to start my plate with those items that I know are good for me and I would likely under-portion myself in lieu of over-portioning the not so healthy items.  So, I pile on those veggies (no, corn is not a veggie and green bean casserole doesn't count!), salad (minimal dressing) and lean protein (fried chicken excluded!) to your plate and chow down.  Then, when you are finished, reward yourself with the rest of the meal and you will find that not only will you have fulfilled your body's need for nutrient filled foods, but you will feel fuller and be less likely to over-indulge in everything else!
Need some help figuring out what is a vegetable or lean protein? Below are some great resources:
How to Make Wise Protein Food Choices
What are Vegetables?

2. Portion control.  

Maybe you don't have time to do the two-trip method above.  Then, I recommend you do portion control.  Like me, you have probably heard this healthy eating "catchphrase" many times in your life.   But, have you actually ever read up about the portions we should be eating at meal?  It would probably astound you! Here is a great graphic to give you an idea:
source: www.choosemyplate.gov
Here are some basic rules for portion control:
-Fill half your plate with fresh veggies and fruits.
-Choose a lean protein and the serving should be the size of your fist.
-Carbohydrates (i.e potatoes) should be the smallest portion on your plate.
-Whole grains are always best when choosing your grain serving.
-Pair your meal with a cup of fat-free or low-fat milk.

3. Use a smaller plate. 

In our home, Savy Daddy and I eat our meals off of what you would consider salad plates.  The reason behind this is that our brains have a need to fill an empty space, so the bigger the plate the bigger we make our portion sizes.  We find that if we eat this way, it limits the amount of unhealthy foods we can stack on the plate after adding the appropriate amount of vegetables and lean protein.  And since I don't like my food stacked on top of each other or mixed together, it really works in my favor.  Now, instead of eating double or triple portions of items like mashed potatoes, we are limited in space and only have the appropriate amount.

These are just a few of our favorite techniques that have helped us lose 40+ pounds each, so I recommend you give them a try!

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Hope you have a happy and healthy Holiday season! And remember, these aren't just for the holidays, they will work all year round! 


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