You are a Mother! Happy Mother's Day! #mothersday

There is a very special holiday coming up this weekend! And for years, it was just another day I had to remember to buy something special for my mom.  But now, with 3 children of my own, it's more than just another holiday.  It's a day that holds true meaning and I understand the celebration of it.  Growing up, I didn't full comprehend how special being a mother is or the personal sacrifices a mother makes on a daily basis.  Now, I get it. I TOTALLY GET IT!  Being a mother is the most self-less job on this Earth and whether you are trying to become a mother, a mother to sweet angels, a mother to 10 children or 1, this day is for celebrating you! I pray every day I can be half the amazing mother, my mom has been to me and continues to be!

I could honestly go on and on about how special mothers are, but realistically, I think this AMAZING video from YouTube sensations, Missy and Bryan Lanning at Daily Bumps, sums it up perfectly! No matter where you are in your journey in Motherhood, please take this Sunday to celebrate you.  Because as they say "You are a Mother!"

Love this video? Make sure you check out Bryan Lanning, Missy Lanning and their Daily Bumps YouTube page for really awesome videos of them and their handsome son Oliver!

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  1. Super cute video. I love being a mom to my 2 year old and wouldn't trade the job of being a parent for anything in the world. I hope all the mommies out there had a great Mother's Day and enjoyed this video as much as I did. Thanks for sharing!!


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