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*Disclosure: I was sent the product(s) featured in this post in exchange for this review. The opinions are 100% my own.

As our little ones grow, they go through various feeding and oral stages.  Starting solids, getting teeth, learning to feed themselves and much more! It's important during these transition stages to have high quality and effective products in your home.  In other aspects of our lives we have loved having Combi products to support our family, so I was thrilled to have the chance to share some of their newest feeding and teething products with all of you!

Savy Baby is 8 months old and that means she is learning to give herself some water during mealtimes.  With all of my babies, I have struggled to find the perfect transitional cup from bottle/breast to sippy cup.  We received the Combi Baby Mug - Step 1.
Immediately, we washed it and gave it to Savy Baby at her next meal time.  She was definitely perplexed by it at first, as it has a bottle nipple, but then the body of a sippy cup.  Over time she has learned to drink from this cup with ease and really enjoys her water from it.  As a parent I love:

  • Curved handles for easy grip and maneuver
  • Durable and easy to drink from bottle nipple
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sterile Cap
  • Holds 8 oz. of liquids
  • Cute design that gender neutral
Along with turning 8 months, came Savy Baby's first set of teeth and she began chewing on everything and anything she could get into her mouth.  From toys to books, you name it, it was a instantly a baby teether.  With my past babies, we have purchased tons of teethers and many of them simply weren't effective or easy for baby to hold in their mouth. We received the Combi 8 Month Teether. The teether is such a different design from any others we own, so I was excited to see how Savy Baby liked it.  Not even a few seconds after handing it to her, did she figure out how to hold it and put the teether end into her mouth.  She appeared to really enjoy the shape and size of this teether as well as the teething surfaces.  Since that initial day, she has preferred this teether over many others and really loves chewing on it to relieve her oral pain. Some of my favorite features are:
  • Easy to hold design for little hands
  • Soft and flexible teething surface with multiple textures
  • Fun toy enclosure, on one end of teether, filled with colorful balls
  • Easy to clean, including enclosure with balls has holes so that if you wash it, the water drains out so no risk of mold
  • Cute, gender neutral design

As Savy Baby transitions through many feeding/oral stages of her life, so do Savy Toddler and Preschooler.  So, I was happy to receive the Combi Chopsticks Training Set for them to try out.  We have tried chopsticks in the past with no luck and so I was excited when I saw these have a very different design. These chopsticks have an awesome 3 step design that allows you to adjust them as the kids getter better at using them.  We started both out with Step 1 and they really like using them.  They found them easy to grip with their little hands, as well as coordinate the pick up as food. Savy Preschooler was ready for Step 2 within a few dinners of using these.  As a parent, I love these because they allow my kids the freedom to feed themselves and teach them about the importance of using silverware to eat their food.  Getting them to not eat with their hands is a channel usually, but with these that's not an issue!

Overall, we are really impressed with all 3 of the products we received from Combi.  They are all well thought out in design and function as well as age appropriate. I recommend you check these out for the little ones in your life! They make great birthday and shower presents too!

You can check out all of these as well as the entire Combi product line on their website!  Browse tons of awesome gear and accessories for your family! 

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About Combi (source: www.combiusa.com):
Our Company
Established in 1989 as a subsidary of the #1-selling Combi Corporation in Japan, Combi USA strives to provide stylish, practical and innovative juvenile products. Derived from the word "combination," Combi refers to the critical relationship between children and their caretakers. Combi draws inspiration from modern, sleek Japanese design, then transforms those ideas into products that are convenient and suitable for American families. As a member of the juvenile products industry, Combi USA has cultivated a firm and continually-growing foundation of consumer trust and loyalty.
Our Products
Combi USA offers a variety of products including lightweight strollers, fun mobile entertainers, feeding products and everything in between! We strive to design products that make parenting easier and maximize convenience. To view the full product line, check out Combi's product categories, which are located in the top navigation bar.
Combi products are sold here on CombiUSA.com as well as through both independent and mass retailers.

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