Food Spoils: Get Over It! Why I'm Fed Up with Spoiled Food Viral Outrage on #Facebook!

We've all seen it.  The photo of the applesauce squeeze pouch that was already spoiled when someone's kid ate it.  Honestly, it's not these photos and/or stories that shock or bother me.  I mean, it's FOOD, it SPOILS, and sometimes you don't find out until you open it. What shocks me is the absolute ignorance that thousands of people all over social media display when they post and comment on this stuff.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for educating others through social media and I never like to hear that a child got sick.  I think that it's absolutely harmless and definitely helpful to let people everywhere know what happened so that they know to look for it and test out the applesauce before feeding it to their kids.  Also, I believe that retailers and manufacturers should know about these instances so that they can investigate and improve on their packaging, manufacturing and distribution practices to further avoid these instances.
Even if they do all of this, there are cases where this packaged food WILL spoil before it's expiration date. Is it because the manufacturer did something wrong?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is it because some retailer or distributor left the products in a less than ideal climate?  Possibly.  Is it because one package may have gotten a small, unnoticeable air-leak and randomly spoiled? Probably.
Are any of these reasons to completely BASH the manufacturer or retailer all over social media and start campaigns boycotting their products?  I think not.  I mean, do you honestly expect that there won't be instances where the food, that is so convenient for you to give to your family on the fly, will spoil before the expiration date? I hope not.
Let's take a look at the standard manufacturing process:

That's an awful lot of steps and places where something can happen without anyone noticing.  Even if something doesn't happen, packaging can still open randomly.  It's not necessarily a flaw in the packaging, but maybe just a completely random, unforeseen instance that has a very, very small chance of happening.
My favorite are all of the parents that are boycotting for our package foods to be more "whole" and "real" but then turn around and bash the manufacturers when these same foods spoil in the package more easily. You can't have it perfectly both ways.  Personally, I would rather have a manufacturer use real, organically grown, non-GMO apples in my kids packaged applesauce, then put in a bunch of chemicals to help guarantee me that they won't spoil in the package before the expiration date.  When I became a parent, I realized that parenting involves a little bit more effort and sacrifice on my pat. If that means I need to take a few minutes to test out my kids' applesauce pouches before they eat them, so be it.
What will I do if it's spoiled but yet says it should be good? First, I won't give it back to my kid. Then, I'll write the manufacturer via e-mail and social media letting them know. I'll also let the local retail location whom I bought it from know so they can inspect the packages on their shelves. I will also let all of you know, in an informative, non-judgemental, non-mass hysteria way. Why? Because it happens and if I want the best, wholesome foods packaged for convenience on the go for my family, I need to realize that THIS CAN HAPPEN. Again, it's FOOD and it can SPOIL!
Here's my advice to all of you that think this is crazy and that not a single packaged food EVER should spoil before it's expiration date. Go blindly into the light, get a good health insurance plan and maybe don't have kids. As for the rest of us, we'll just take an extra minute to look before we chew. 

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