Facebook Faux-Pas: Are You Pregnant?! #facebook #thinkbeforeyouspeak

A few days ago, one of my female Facebook friends wrote a status message talking about how she was feeling ill.  Her description included having a bad headache and that she was nauseated. I winced a little and waited....

Five comments later, someone did it.  They committed, what I would consider a Facebook faux-pas. They asked her if she was pregnant. Now, mind you, she is a married woman with two little ones already and so naturally this assumption comes to mind. And it's likely that the person who commented didn't consider there to be any negative ramifications from a funny little comment. What they failed consider is if this woman has been trying to get pregnant and hasn't been successful or maybe that she may have recently suffered a pregnancy loss. It's not that I think that the person who commented is rude or insensitive, I just think it's something that we should all try a little harder to be aware of. Obviously, we can't go through life walking on eggshells and thinking over everything a million times before we "say" it, but we can have a little bit more awareness of the possible result of our "words" in certain circumstances. 
I know, personally, I have made this mistake in the past and it wasn't until I experienced a pregnancy loss myself that I realized how hurtful this one little comment could be. 
What I am asking is that if a female friend on Facebook mentions she's not feeling well, please think twice before asking, insinuating or even mentioning pregnancy.  It might make her day a whole lot worse and as her friend I'm sure that's not something you want to do. A simple "I hope you feel better soon!" will do just fine. 
Happy Facebooking! 

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