Our Top 4 Helpful, Family-Friendly Products for Summer! #summer #familyfun #2015

Summer is nearly upon us and it's the perfect time to share with you a few items that are on my "must-haves for summer" list! I know that there are lots of other "must-haves" that you probably think should be on this list, but I wanted to cover a few items that aren't always on every list. Enjoy!

Real Kids Shades

These sunglasses are the only ones we use regularly with our kids.  They provide amazing protection from harmful rays and they are extremely durable.  I mean, the only time we have had a pair break is when we accidentally ran them over with our car. The are virtually unbreakable otherwise! In the picture below, you can see how much our kids love them! Here are some fun facts about these sunglasses:
- Bend ‘em, Flex ‘em, You can’t break ‘em
- 100% UVA/UVB Protection
- Shatterproof Lenses
- Cool and Cute Styles for Kids 0+ and a variety of activities

Cave Tools 3 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

This set is really a nice addition to your grilling experience. These tools are heavy-duty, dishwasher-safe and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In reviewing these tools, we really like how durable and multi-functional they are. Some of our favorite features include:
-Extra long handles to protect your hands from the heat.
-Heavy-duty hanging loops on each one
-Oversize clamps on tongs allow you to grip and flip large and heavy pieces of meat with ease.
-Spatula features a knife edge that allows you to cut into and check meat while cooking.
-All tools are dishwasher-safe and extra durable to resist wear and tear.
-Meat carving fork is very sturdy and allows you to easily hold the meat in place while cutting.
-Spatula includes a built-in bottle opener!
Overall, we really love these tools and they will be replacing our current tools this spring and summer. They also make a great gift for Father's Day!

Ecotonix Green Cycler

This is a counter-top pre-composter that allows you to take a lot of your food waste and turn it into compost for your yard and garden.  The convenience of this item is really nice as it has a small footprint, allowing it to sit on your counter-top and provide you with a quick and easy way to start the composting process.  We tested it out late last year and here are some of our favorite features:
-Ease of Use - this composter is so easy to use! You just put in the food, turn the handle and then just wait for your compost to be created in the bin on the bottom.
-Sturdiness - It comes with giant suction cups on the bottom to secure it to your countertop and it's made from a very durable plastic.
-Effectiveness - The metal grinding part is extremely effective at grinding almost anything you can compost.  I was hesitant at first, but it's not hard to turn through apple cores, raw potatoes and much more!
-Instructions - There are tons of clear and concise instructions, including a graph of what you can compost and what you can't. It's very helpful!
-Odorless - Yep, you heard me right! It is completely odorless! We actually left compost in it over the winter months and it didn't smell one bit!
I highly recommend you check this out for all of your composting needs as it's great for creating starter and small batches of compost without having to haul out to the pile outside after every meal.

Rescue Traps

In our backyard every summer, we have issues with wasps attacking our children. We have gone through measures of destroying nests as soon as we see them, hiring pest control services, and removing any shrubbery they could reside in.  All of this worked to alleviate some of the problem, but in the end, it wasn't effective enough.  Last summer, we implemented Rescue traps and the problem nearly disappeared! We tried out two of their traps: W·H·Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & YellowjacketsTrapStik for Wasps. We really think they both are very effective. They are both very easy to use and hang up. We like the ease of use of the TrapStik trap especially because all you do is open it up and hang it. However, we also like the W·H·Y trap because other animals (like birds) won't get stuck on it and it's reusable! I highly recommend these for your backyard this year!

Comment below and tell me what your must-haves are for summer!

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