My New Adventure!

Yesterday, as I was sitting around thinking about life and how fast it moves, I had one of those moments. You know that moment that everything around you stops and you get an idea that you know has been lingering in your brain just waiting to be noticed? Yeah, that kind of moment. Today, I took action and started my newest YouTube adventure: Daily Gratitude

The goal of this channel is not to make super fancy or nicely edited videos, but instead it will feature a video (likely a one-take) every single day where I share my gratitude with the world. Each day I will answer the following questions and challenge my viewers to do the same:

1. What are you grateful for today?

2. Who are you grateful for today?

3. Amazing thing(s) that happened today?

4. How could I make today better?

5. What would make today great?

Below is Day 1. Ready to join me? Subscribe to Daily Gratitude and share with me every day what you are grateful for! Spread love, not hate.

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