Fun Letters!

Last weekend, I decided I would do a quick and fun little project for the kids' rooms:  Letters!    I started out with some plan white letters from a local craft store

Nicholas already has a set of ready to hang store-bought blue and white striped letters on his wall, but since his room is an airplane theme, I wanted to add the word "FLY" to the wall.  For me, this word not only is a great addition to the theme, but it will also serve as a friendly reminder for him to not be afraid and "FLY" in life.  (Oh and I'm big into education, so you know we are using it to learn to read the word too!).

For Nicholas' I just used some leftover red paint in our basement (extra from our half bath) and painted the letters red. See below:

I had decided, I wanted the letters to look weathered and distressed, so I followed this up by buying a tube of Martha Stewart crackling effect gel.  After spreading the gel, I added some light blue paint (leftover from his walls) and wiped it off immediately.  This left the paint in the cracks only, or at least it should have.  I ended up getting distracted as our 9 month old was climbing the fireplace and had to jump off real quick and remove her and when I came back the paint had started to dry on the "L", so there is a little bit extra, but I think they still turned out pretty good.

For Audrey's room, I wanted to add her initials to her room.  For this project, I took blue painters tape and put it where I wanted the underneath to remain a white stripe.  Then I also used the leftover paint from her room and painted the lines in-between the paint.  This set was really easy as it only required two coats and it was ready.  It's not perfect, but I like to think it is perfectly homemade!

Overall, this project only cost around $13 (including the crackle bottle).  I have priced finished decorative letters around the stores and they can cost anywhere from $5-$10 each, so I figure I saved a good bit of cash, reused some old paint and have the pride of hanging something I made into their rooms! 


  1. I love Audrey's initials. The stripes look good! I might need to steal this idea :)

  2. I love this idea, I'm going to share it with my grand children.

  3. Wow, I really like the initials with the pink and white stripes, very creative. Thank you for sharing this great craft idea.


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