BosoBuddies Review and Giveaway!

As a parent or caretaker of a little baby, have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you are always laying the baby on top of the infant car-seat straps and then having to gently get those same straps out and around the front without either A.)Waking the baby or B.) Having the baby yell and scream at you. Or maybe you are one of those that was blessed with a child that just despises the car-seat?!  Well, I have solution for you: BosoBuddies!

What are they?
BosoBuddies strap to the handle of the infant seat and hold up the car-seat straps up and away from the seat, so you can safely and easily put the infant into the seat. 

Ashley, the Owner and Creator of this nifty solution, was nice enough to give me the chance to fully review them and we love them!  Below is my experience:

How do they work?
As you can see below, they first fasten on each side of the car-seat handle (there is a quick instruction guide included for this step) and then you just hook one of the elastic loops (ribbon loop) under the strap and hook it around the button!  It's so easy, I could do it one handed! 

Audrey sitting in the seat with her BosoBuddies holding up the straps

Hooking up one of the straps  one-handed!

And when it's time to take the baby out, you just repeat those steps and it's ready to go for the next time you need to go somewhere!  

Hooked up and ready for baby!
 As an added bonus, they have created some really great styles that will go with any infant car-seat!
Style on Audrey's car-seat

Overall, we really found this product to be extremely helpful and easy to use!  The only thing I will warn you about is making sure to keep little fingers away as my daughter found the elastic a time or two and started snapping it while I was driving. But, the easy solution for this is to just slide the BosoBuddies up near the top of the handle when not in use (since for safety you should always drive with the handle down) and the little one can't reach them :-) 

The creator was not only kind to send me a set for review but she also sent a very cute (and what I consider gender neutral) set to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!
Giveaway Style
 There are multiple ways to enter below.  This contest be open until 11:59pm EST Saturday, October 20th!  In the meanwhile, I highly encourage you to visit the Bosobuddies website to learn more about this product and the very cute designs they sell!  I promise, that they are small, but they are mighty useful for anyone taking care of an infant.  What a great and affordable baby shower gift these are!

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. my friend's baby - he's a little over a month

  2. My daughter is 17 months

  3. My daughter 18 months and when I have my other child. :)

  4. This would be for my sister who is expecting her first! But, I wish these were around when I had my girls, they're 2 and 7!


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