Hyland's Pamper Mom with Natural Products Contest!

As a mom, I know how important it is to have items that help keep me and my family healthy and happy!  This month Hyland's is celebrating Mom by holding the Pin it to Win it Pamper Mom with Natural Product's Contest!

Healthy Tip from Savy Mommy: The winter is full of germs and illnesses, especially since my little ones go to daycare and one of the tips that my mom reminds me of is to make sure that we replace our toothbrushes or sanitize them in boiling water after an illness.  I  know that this isn't something that everyone always remembers, but it's a great way to make sure you aren't allowing that virus to mutate and re-infect everyone!

Interested in hearing more about the fabulous prizes in this giveaway?!  Below is some information about all of them:

Hyland’s – Calms Forte 32 Count ($7.69), Nerve Tonic 32 Count ($7.69), Bioplasma Sport ($11.99), Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica ($8.59) and Arnica Spray 4 oz ($11.69)

Hyland's products are really fantastic to have on hand!  Without the use of chemicals that can be hard on our bodies, they use all-natural ingredients to help us get healthy and stay that way!  They make products for everyone in your family!  As a mom, I have known and used Hyland's for years for my kids, but I am really excited about all of their wonderful products for myself and my husband as well!  Natural sleep-aids and Nerve Tonic are great for that really long, hard day.  Or if you are athletic, they check out Muscle Therapy Gel or the replenishing Bioplasma Sport!

21 Drops –  The Weekender Gift Set $75 which includes three unique blends, #06 Passion, #18 Sleep and #04 Hangover.

Every woman needs a boost to get through those weekends and these awesome essential oils are perfect for helping!  They combine amazing extracts and ingredients that help energize, recover, or calm your body for the task ahead.  Whether it's a little league game, child's birthday party, or just some good ole fashioned sleep, 21 Drops has the answer!

Coola Organic Suncare – Unscented Spray ($32), Rose Essence Tint ($36), Lipluxe ($12) and Lotion Bar ($12)
Protecting a mom's skin from harsh UV rays is important!  But, so is making sure that sun protection product isn't harming her body in other ways!  Coola Organic Suncare is perfect for this dilemma!

ZENTS – Spring Gift Set $46. Each kit features a Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream and 6 fl oz / 180 ml 

Shea Butter Liquid Lather
 8.5 fl oz / 242 ml. Winners can choose from Petal, Ore or Sun scents.
Beautiful, luxuriously scented skin products are perfect for any mom!  Give yourself a little spa time every morning by applying ZENTS!

Better Life – Housewarming Kit $52 which includes What-EVER! clary sage & Ctirus, Simply Floored!, I Can See Clearly, WOW!, Even The Kitchen Sink, Oak-Y Dokey, Dish It Out clary sage & citrus, Six compartment cleaning caddy, Glass and Polishing microfiber, General purpose microfiber and Loofah sponge.
A mom knows that pampering yourself, not only includes your body, but also your home!  Better Life has fantastic line of cleaning products to make every home feel clean and healthy!  A clean home is a happy home of course!

ECOBAGS – 2 String Bags ($16.98), 2 PRODUCE BAG sets ($23.98), Organic Cotton Net Bag ($4.99), Organic Cotton Bulk Bag ($3.99)
I can say that one of my biggest pet peeves are those horrible plastic bags that you get at almost every store!  Well, EcoBags have fun, affordable, and fantastic solutions for your everyday shopping needs! Just think if we all used our own reusable bags, our cost of products would actually go down!

Here is what you have been waiting for.......HOW TO ENTER:
Contest will launch on May 10, 2013 and run for the rest of the month.

Directions for giveaway:
1. Follow each of the participating companies on Pinterest.

2. Create a board called Pamper Mom with Natural Products on your Pinterest Page.
3. Pin (or repin) photos of your favorite products from Hyland’s, ZENTS, Coola, 21Drops, Eco-Bags, and/or Better Life. Pins can be original photos of products offered by the participating companies or repins from any of the Pinterest boards of the participating companies.
4. Fill out the short form on Hyland’s Facebook with a link to your “Pamper Mom with Natural Products” board.
Three winners with the most creative boards will receive a great package worth more than $350 each from the participating companies. Winners will be chosen by juried review based on their creativity.

 Good luck!!

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