Where Have All the Pixies Gone? Book Review and Giveaway

Do you love children's books with amazing illustrations and solid, powerful messages?  If so, I encourage you to read more about "Where Have All the Pixies Gone?" written by Sharny and Julius Kieser and illustrated by Ayesha Henderson.

About the Authors (Source: www.sharnyandjulius.com)
Renegade fitness experts Sharny and Julius shot to stardom when their first book, Never Diet Again was released to the public in June 2011. The book was an adaptation of a step by step ‘escape the diet trap’ program that they had created for their private clients . So successful was the program in changing people’s lives that the clients literally begged Sharny and Julius to make it into a book, which would be more accessible to friends and relatives overseas.
After the release of Never Diet Again, the couple realized that while very successful, it was just another solution, and looking around saw that there were thousands, if not millions of solutions for losing weight and getting healthy, but people were still getting “fatter and sicker”.
After much soul searching, they concluded that losing weight wasn’t the problem. The motivation for losing weight was the problem. Fat and unhealthy was the norm; athletic and healthy was the minority. To say someone was fat had become offensive. To exercise was a chore.
That’s when they decided to write the book FITlosophy . In their words, it is “a collection of parables for athletes”. But it is more than that. It is a profound set of philosophical viewpoints that cut right to the heart of the human condition. Brutally honest, courageous, confronting, and often humorous, the stories told in this book reveal a part of the human psyche readers didn’t even know was there. This book will sit with the reader for a long time after the words have actually been read.
In January 2012, they collaborated with renowned artist Ayesha Henderson to create a children’s book that had “beautiful bright pictures and an easy to read, but important message that they could share with their kids”. Where Have All The Pixies Gone? was released in October 2012.
Sharny and Julius are currently writing 3 books. PrefFIT, Beefdup and the sequel to FITlosophy, which promises to be their magnum opus, their “greatest gift to health and fitness yet”. They are regulars on daytime TV, radio and newspapers in their home country of Australia.

Savy Mommy Moments review:
The book arrived very neatly wrapped with a bow and a sweet note from the authors. It was a really nice personal touch that I appreciated greatly! Once I opened up the package, the first thing that popped out were the brilliant colors and awesome illustrations! I started paging through the book and found that the illustrations inside were very beautiful and eye-catching.
That night, we decided to share it with my son who is 3. Since the book is about pixies, I wasn’t sure he would go for it, but immediately he was excited to read it! As we read through the book there were wonderful messages about showing kindness and love and being a caring person. There were illustrations of not only female pixies, but also male pixies. Below are a few of our favorite illustrations:
Copyright: Savy Mommy Moments

Copyright: Savy Mommy Moments

Copyright: Savy Mommy Moments
My son loved the book so much that he had me read it multiple times. Over the next few days, my one year old daughter came across it and loved it as well! She loved to have me page through as she pointed out all of her favorite illustrations.
Overall, this book incorporates wonderful and positive messages through the use of beautifully written text and visually stunning illustrations! I highly recommend this for any family’s library!

Learn More: You can learn more about the authors of this book on their website and Facebook page.

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