Hyland's Cold-Fighting Champs!

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Winter in Chicago is LONG!  And the constant colds that seem to inhabit our home seem to only make it longer! This year we found some new cold-fighting teammates in the the Hyland's product line.  I am proud to introduce you to our two new gladiators: Tiny Cold Tablets and Defend Cold & Cough.

These tablets are just awesome! At the first sign of a cold in Little A, I give her 3 tablets and follow the regimen recommended on the bottle.  I definitely have noticed a dramatic difference in the length and severity of her colds when I use them versus when I didn't have them. What is great is that you can start using these easily at 6 months of age, as they just dissolve on the tongue and are specially made for babies and toddlers. 
This is my husband's new go-to when he gets the first sign of a cold.  For some reason, unlike most, he always seems to have his colds stick around longer than average.  When he starts using this product from the beginning we have seen a dramatic cut in the length and severity of his colds.  He also says that he likes this product because it doesn't have that gross cough-syrup taste and it goes down easily and smoothy without the risk of major side-effects or drowsiness associated with other products. 

Want to know more?  Make sure you check out the entire Hyland's product line on their brand new website!  It has gone through a fantastic makeover, making it easier to navigate and find everything you need to know about these products and so many more!

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  1. Haha cute pictures! I'll have to stock up on these before Cold Season! Thanks!

  2. cute pictures, we love the tiny cold tablets around our home!!

  3. I didn't even know they made these! I have to check our local walgreens! We will need these too!

  4. didn't know they made cough syrup too

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