"Whats it Like? Wednesday" Siblings?!

Welcome back to another edition of my newest weekly chat!  Thank you to all that participated in last week’s inaugural chat “3 Kids?!” 

This week’s chat is focusing on what it is like to have siblings.

As many of you may not know, I am an only child, so growing up I did not have any siblings.  Savy Daddy has 3 siblings, so when we started our family we decided that we wanted at least 2 children. 

For me, I definitely think my parents made the absolute best decision for our family in choosing to only have one.  However, as an adult, I decided when it came to my own family, after watching numerous friends and family with their siblings, I wanted to give my children at least one.   Although I have only observed from the outside, I want to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to have these people in your life, so that I can better understand what my children are and will be experiencing.   
This is where I turn to you, my readers and for this chat my “experts!”  Please share in the comments below all the things you love, hate, and everything in between about having a sibling (or multiple) in your life!   I look forward to gaining a greater understanding through the experiences you share! Thanks for taking the time to comment below! 

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  1. I actually love having siblings, I think God knew what he was doing when he gave me two younger brothers, not sure I could handle two sisters lol.

  2. I love having a brother, we are different enough that we have our own group of friends; but always are there to have each others back in the rough times. I did always think it would be great to have a sister, now as an adult I am fortunate enough to have 2 sister in laws. So, I think I got the best of both worlds ;-)

  3. my sister is 5 years older than me, we did a LOT of bickering growing up, but we are so close now...we even had babies 5 weeks apart (not planned :) )

  4. I have 2 younger sisters. One 3.5 years younger and one 8 years younger. I couldn't imagine life without being a big sister. My being the eldest has helped prepare me for the role of mom. I took care of my sisters when my mom and dad were at work. I also helped my mom out all the time once I noticed how much work it took to do all the stuff she did. My sisters and I aren't super close but we care about each other and understand each other better than anyone. My dad passed away Oct 2012 and after our initial grief we banded together as sisters and kids and have supported each other and our mom. My sister and I are both pregnant and have toddlers at home already. My youngest sister will be starting her senior year in high school and getting her license. And she loves being an aunt to our kiddos! I wouldn't consider my sisters my best friends but I couldn't imagine not having them as my support and siblings. We are family and family sticks together. Childhood wasn't always easy because we are all so different but we went through it together. I just remember my sisters always being there.

  5. Love that you always have someone with you on your first day of school, always have someone to play with, always have someone to tell secrets too! Hate that sibling rivalry, fights, hand me downs, and sharing :)

  6. I am the middle of three girls and while I wouldn't give up either of my sisters, it was rough getting through especially in the middle!

  7. I am technically an only child. My parents remarried others and had other children. My brother who I grew up with is 10 years younger, so we never had any of those sibling issues. Hubby is a middle child of three, so we're in discussions now on having another (to make it three). He originally joked before we were married that he didn't want three, so I'd have to sign up for four. Negotiations have started...,.

  8. I have an amazing older sister. she has always been there for me.

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