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*Disclosure: The products mentioned in the review below were provided by Nuby.

Our newest little one, Baby L. arrived on November 1st, 2013 and after getting our nursing relationship established, we discovered that she gagged on the baby pacifiers that our first two kids loved.  We were desperate to find something she could hold in her mouth and would pacify her when she just wanted to suck to soothe and isn't hungry. 

You can imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to review several pacifiers from Nuby!

Below are the products I received (information provided by Nuby)

Nuby Night Time Glow in the Dark Orthodontic Pacifier (top left in photo above)
  • 2 pack
  • Glow in the dark handle
  • Available in 0-6 months & 6-12 months
  • Silicone, orthodontic baglet with Massaging Nub-eez
  • Fun prints & colors
  • BPA Free
  • Endorsed by Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Grace Yum
  • Available at
Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifier (top right in photo above)
  • BONUS Pack - 3 pack
  • Available in 0-6 months & 6-12 months+
  • Silicone, orthodontic baglet with soothing soft bristles
  • Gently cleans gums
  • Fun prints & colors
  • BPA Free
  • Available at Walmart
Brites Class Oval Pacifier Set (Available at TJ Maxx) (bottom left/right of photo above)
Set Includes:
  • 2 Brites Classic Oval Pacifiers
    • Available in 6-12 months+
    • Classic, flat oval baglet
    • Silicone baglet
    • Fun colors & prints
    • Advanced air system allows air to flow between the pacifier & baby's skin; reducing rash
    • BPA Free
  • Pacifinder
    • Keeps baby's pacifier sanitary & secure
    • Suitable for any pacifier with a knob
    • Ensures baby's pacifier will always be within reach
  • All Natural Pacifier & Teether Wipes
    • 48 Vanilla Milk flavored wipes
    • Naturally cleans pacifiers, teethers, bottles, cups & toys
    • Alcohol Free
    • Non-Toxic and Safe ALL Natural Formula

Our Experience

Since Baby L. is only a few months old, we decided to open and test out the Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifier 3-pack.  I love that it's a 3 pack, since you know how often pacifiers hit the ground or seem to just grow legs and walk away! The pacifiers came in 3 very cute designs perfect for our little girl.  As recommended on the package, we boiled them initially for a few minutes, then let them dry/cool.  The pacifiers are really a nice small size on the outside which is perfect as they don't cover too much of the infants/newborns' mouths and faces.  Our big issue with other pacifiers we had tried was that the part the baby sucks on (the nipple) is too big for Baby L. and she ends up gagging on them.  The nipples on these are a nice small size and feature a textured part that massages and soothes the little one's gums while they suck.
After inspecting all the nice features, it was time for the real test with Baby L.  And...she LIKED them!  They were definitely small enough to fit in her mouth without gagging her or falling out.  We couldn't be more excited to find something that soothes her to sleep after she has a full belly!

Baby L. isn't yet sleeping in her room/crib by herself, so we haven't tried out the Nuby Night Time Glow in the Dark Orthodontic Pacifiers, but I am really excited to use them in a few months!  I did go ahead and try them out in the dark and you really can see them!  I remember Little A., we were always playing the feel and find the pacifier in the middle of the night game.  Every parent knows that one! So, with these, it will be really easy to find them! What a "bright" idea!

I also checked out the features of the Brites Class Oval Pacifier Set.  The designs on the pacifiers are really cute and bright!  Since we have two other kids in our house and there are toys everywhere, I love that these will be easy to find in what sometimes can be a collossal mess! This set also comes with a pacifier clip that easy snaps onto the nubby ends of the pacifiers and clips to babies shirt.  Personally, I have a bit of an OCD tendency about not losing anything my kids have, so this makes me feel nice and secure that it's not going anywhere, no matter how hard it tries to "jump" away from baby!

Finally, the set came with a package of All Natural Pacifier & Teether Wipes.  These wipes are great for the diaper bag or purse!  I know from experience, it never fails that the minute you step out of the car or into a public place like the grocery store, the pacifier hits the ground! And who wants to rinse your baby's pacifier in a gross public restroom sink?! I mean, honestly?! So, these wipes are great because they are safe for baby and easily sanitize the pacifier or teether/toy. They also have a really pleasant Vanilla Milk scent! I have already used them a few times when we are out and Little A. steals Baby L.'s pacifier or the pacifier finds it's way to the floor. 

Overall, we are highly impressed with all of the Nuby pacifiers/products we received!  We know that that they are crafted with high-quality and our baby's best interest in mind and will last as long as we need them!  Thank you Nuby for coming up with ingenious and useful products for our baby!

Learn more about Nuby and their entire product line on their website! 

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