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Oh Baby Baby! I gave birth to our beautiful little girl on 11/1/13 and I have teamed up with Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos and Little Angel on a Mission to bring you our must have mommy/baby items!

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About Bambo Nature Diapers (source:

Bambo Nature puts both the interests of your child and the environment as our top priorities.

Bambo Nature nappies are just like ordinary disposables, but they have a much lower eco footprint. Bambo Nature nappies are both ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent with a unique layer that draws wetness away from baby’s skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wetting. The nappies have been designed in conjunction with parents to assure the product has a practical design and are user friendly.

Bambo Nature has produced a range of baby diapers offering minimum environmental impact combined with maximum freedom of movement and comfort for the child. The breathable back sheet allows air to circulate to the skin, thereby reducing moisture. For the first time, state-of-the-art raw material technology makes it possible for ABENA to produce eco-labeled, environmentally friendly baby diapers that are just as slim and comfortable as ordinary baby diapers.

Quality Control
Our diaper production is subject to strict 24-hour quality control in our state of the art laboratory. This ensures that all Abena products meet and exceed international standards.

S.M.M. Experience

With Little A., we had the WORST time finding a disposable diaper that didn't cause her to have horrible burn like rashes.  We were spending a ton of money trying out various ones (daycare only took disposables) that claimed to be gentle on her bottom.
With a new baby on the way, I was excited to try about Bambo Nature diapers.  I knew that I didn't even want to go with any type of standard disposable as fear of experiencing what we went through with Little A. 
For review we received two types of their diapers: Size 1 and Size 2.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Soft, soft, soft - I mean these diapers are really, really soft!  I just love putting something on my baby's bottom that is so nice and gentle to the touch!
  • Dryness - I have noticed that even though she has peed quite a bit, the diaper still appears and feels dry against her skin.  This is something that disposables often suffer with, but Bambo Nature got it right! It manages to pull the liquid away from the skin, aiding in the avoidance of rashes and irritation.
  • Stretch elastic at waist/fasteners - Many diapers just don't give you enough stretch at the waist for securing the diaper.  These diapers have plenty of stretch allowing you to easily fit the diaper to your baby's waist without any jarring or tugging of your little one.
  • Room to grow -  I usually find that my babies outgrow the diapers before they reach the stated maximum weight limit for the size, but with these she was actually fitting in them after reaching that size! That means that even though she was at or above the 9lb. mark, the Size 1 (Newborn) diaper size still fit nicely and wasn't too tight! In fact, we have yet to need the Size 2 diapers as they are still a little bit too big for her. 
  • No Icky Chemicals or Perfumes - Maybe it's just me, but I hate the smell of a lot of disposable diapers.  I mean, let's be honest - It's a baby and babies poop!  Personally, I don't want some perfume covering up the smell of the poop so that I don't know it's in there. And why would I want perfume up against my baby's brand new skin?! Don't even get me started on all the chemical drying agents in other diapers.  Let's just say, I love that these don't have any of them!
  • Cute Design - For me, this is just a bonus because as long as a diaper is effective, I don't need any design on it.  But, Bambo Nature has come up with a very cute little design at the waistband of the diaper for all those parents that do care.

Overall, we really love these diapers and highly recommend them to anyone with little ones in their lives! We feel truly safe putting these on our little ones.

Learn More/Purchase: You can learn more about Bambo Nature and their entire product line on their website!

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