ARK Therapeutic Ultra Bear Bottle and Chewing Products Review

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ARK Therapeutic began many years ago while Debbie was working in a rehabilitation clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. At the time, there were very few tools available specifically for oral motor therapy. Not having the right tools was frustrating for her, not to mention a hindrance for her patients. She knew that something needed to be done - that we needed tools designed by a therapist for therapists.
Luckily for Debbie, she married an engineer! So she approached her husband John with the idea of creating an oral sensory motor tool that would be durable, affordable, and made out of 100% medical grade materials. To make a long story short, together they created ARK's Probe, a quality tool for oral exploration and therapeutic stimulation. One day while observing one of Debbie's therapy sessions, John saw her rapidly tapping a child's tongue with the Probe and moving it back and forth. When he asked what she was doing, Debbie said she was "trying to make it vibrate." That was the beginning of what would later become ARK's Z-Vibe®, and Z-Grabber™.
Since then, ARK Therapeutic has invented an extensive line of therapy products for oral motor development, sensory integration, oral defensiveness, texture aversions, fine motor, drinking, feeding, chewing, and more. These tools have been successfully used in therapeutic intervention for individuals of all ages and cognitive abilities, particularly those with an articulation disorder, feeding disorder, and/or sensory issue.

For review, we were sent the following items:

It arrived at the perfect time because Savy Baby was just starting to grasp and put objects into her mouth.  In the past with our babies, I have always struggled to find chewies that were oral stimulating and easy for babies to grab and chew on.  I was excited to give these items a whirl with Savy Baby. 

So far, she has really liked grabbing and chewing on all three. Her favorites are definitely the Tri-Chew products. I think it's because they are textured and feel good on her teething gums.  I love that all the chewing products are flexible and gentle, yet effective.  Also, they are really easy to keep clean and don't have any spots that hide dirt or bacteria.  
Since each of them have a closed loop or triangle, we like to use sippy cup or pacifier tethers to attach them to her car seat, stroller and always have one on the go with us! We have received quite a few people asking us where they can find them for their babies. 

As for the Ultra Bear Bottle, we haven't yet been able to try it, but I look forward to using it to help Savy Baby learn how to drink from a straw safely.  With our two older children, the biggest worry was always how far they are shoving the straw into their mouths/throat and it hurting them. This won't be a concern with the Ultra Bear Bottle kit.  It includes the perfect mouthpiece for learning to suck from the straw as well as a regulator for keeping too much liquid from entering the straw all at once.  Plus, with the cute bear design, I anticipate my two older kids will want to try it out too! 

Overall, ARK Therapeutic products are great for any family and I recommend browsing the site for items the little ones in your life can benefit from. 

Learn More: Visit the ARK Therapeutic website to learn more about their products and purchase them for your family. They offer free shipping on orders over $100.


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