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When your child is a baby, all you want is for them to sleep! And then when they finally start sleeping through the night, they get too big for their crib and it's time for a big kid bed.  You know, the one they can get in and out of on their own, which is fantastic when they need to go to the bathroom or you don't have the energy to lift them into the bed, but not so when all you want is for them to STAY IN BED!
Recently in our house, we transitioned our middle child, Savy Toddler, to a big bed and with that came the challenge of getting her to stay in there during the night and quiet time in the afternoon. We found that she was having a bit of trouble knowing if it was time to lay and rest or time to get up and play.  We didn't really have this issue with our oldest, so this was new to us.  That's when I was contacted by Claessens' Kids and asked to review their Kid Sleep Moon!
After checking out the product online, I was definitely interested in giving it a whirl and seeing if it helped Savy Toddler know figure out when it was time to rest or play.  Upon arrival of it to our home, I opened the package and got it all set up.  I did notice that the setup process was a little bit more complicated than anticipated and after the first day, she unplugged it and I failed to put in backup batteries, which meant doing the setup again.  It wasn't a big deal at all to redo the setup, it just takes a bit to navigate the menus and get all the settings.
Settings available include:
  • Weekend and weekday morning wake up times
  • Nap wake up time
  • Four levels of brightness
  • Four types of alarm sounds as well as a silent mode
  • Alarm volume settings
  • Four different types of traditional lullabies
  • Wake up or go-to sleep transition on clock face
  • Use as full-face nightlight instead of night/day trainer
We setup the weekday and weekend morning wake-up times to the same time since she tends to get up around the same time those days.  We also setup a naptime wake up time and turned the alarm to a nice soft sound and turn the volume down.
The very first night, she was really excited to use this machine.  She really liked the lullaby feature on the side where we could turn on lullabies to play for a few minutes as she was going to sleep.  After the last month of using this, she has really enjoyed it and it has helped her to know if it's time to sleep or not. She has even learned how to turn it on at night or naptime to the sleeping bunny. In the mornings, she will tell us that she could get out because the bunny was awake on her clock!
My favorite features are:
  • Individual settings for naptime/morning
  • Ability to lower volume of alarm or turn it off completely
  • Traditional lullabies button on the top for nighttime transition to sleep
  • Battery powered or plugs into outlet
  • Easily operated by kids and parents
  • Can be used from Birth+

Check out the video below to see this product in action:

Overall, I really like this sleep trainer.  It definitely has some great features for helping a child learn when it's time to go to sleep/wake up.  Also, I love that it can be used with younger children as a nightlight and lullaby machine.  Definitely a versatile product that I recommend purchasing for the little ones in your life.

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