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This morning I asked my husband if he would mind stopping at Costco on his way home to pick up a few things.  He didn't respond and so I said "If you don't want to that's fine." He promptly replied "Oh no, I love Costco! It's like my Disney World!" 

I laughed at his response but then thought about how much I do love going to Costco how true this analogy may be.  Like Disney, I need a special ticket to enter (i.e. membership) and upon entering I "feel" the magic of all that is "bulk shopping" fall upon me.  Of course, it helps that at I enter directly into the electronics department and there is usually some uplifting hit movie playing on a glorious 80 inch crystal clear television...or ten televisions at once. Then, I come the aisles of what is currently seasonal. I consider Costco to decorate itself like The Magic Kingdom. At Christmas time there are beautiful trees, wrapping paper and other decorations.  At Halloween, there are scary goblins and loads of candy. Right now, I know spring is coming because my local Costco has it's own "Flower and Garden Festival" going on.  It's just so magical with it's flowers, plants, bulbs and more! A nice, "warm" break from the outside sub-freezing temperatures. Not to mention, there always seems to be a giant sized Mickey and/or Minnie hiding somewhere in the store!
After diverting from the main aisle and falling entranced by the current "season" at Costco, I head back towards one of my favorite sections, the bakery (fresh, warm bread makes me so happy, it's sinful.) As I venture towards it, I grab a satisfyingly oversize package of AA batteries and eye up a giant generator (nope, we don't need one, but it's fun to dream). I have reached the bakery and there I receive my very first sample. This is my reward for expertly navigating the earlier part of the store without filling my cart. Yummy red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. I'll be back around in a minute for seconds.  I am an Executive Member after all.
The bakery leads me into the giant aisle of fresh meats. Twenty pounds of ground beef, yes please.  A rotisserie chicken for dinner, check! Yum...another sample. Chips and guacamole or maybe it's some fancy cheese that I'll buy and then never finish. Either way, it's another reward for being a Coscto member! Through the meats and cheeses and onto the produce. Pounds upon pounds of apples, bananas and more. I add a few essentials to my cart and keep going.  Sometimes if I'm adventurous, I run quickly into the deep freeze room for carrots. On my way out of this section, I admittedly throw in a 10 pound bag of grapefruit convincing myself that it's good for me and I'll eat them. (my husband will likely eat them instead).
I continue my delightful Costco trip through aisles of massive amounts of paper goods, baby supplies, frozen foods (800 chicken nuggets, yes please!) and dairy items. I'll pick up some black bean pasta and eggs for Savy Baby, Veggie Straws and milk for the big kids, and maybe a set of new dishtowels just because "who doesn't need 100 new dishtowels in a variety of colors?!" All the while, I'm munching on various samples of soup, mini tacos, yogurt, chocolate covered blueberries and more, which most have also seemed to have found their way into my cart.  Strange thing that's happening here. It's like I'm being entranced by something. I wonder "Do they pump something into the air here like at Disney?"
At the front of the store, I pick up an extra large bottle of chewable vitamins for the kids and twelve giant tubes of toothpaste. And a box of granola bars which I'll likely eat 10 of at some point because they are about to expire or have just expired. Thankfully, the check out area is upon me.
As I enter the last phase of my Costco experience, I quickly glance back at the store and wonder if there is something I missed or a sample I forgot to try.  Maybe there was that one product that I undecided on whether or not to buy it and suddenly concerned that they may not have it next time. Okay, one more lap around and I'm done..I swear.
A half-hour later I return to the check-out area and I'm satisfied.  My trip to Costco has left me content, and exhausted and I may need a post-Costco nap. Just like Disney, there are things I didn't get to buy or try but, overall, I'm happy with what I accomplished. Oh and my wallet is sufficiently lighter...And with a giant hot dog and soft drink in hand, I exit the store and fuel up for my quickly approaching task of fitting everything that wasn't on my list into my car...Yep, it was a good day. Until next time Costco...until next time...
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