Quick and Easy Egg Coloring Activity! #koolaid #Easter

For years, we used the little tablets that you drop into vinegar for coloring Easter eggs.  This was okay, but the thing I didn't like was the smell of the vinegar and chemicals in the dye.  So, last year, we decided that we would try using Kool-Aid instead! 

Supply List:

  • Kool-Aid Packets (these are usually 10 or more for a dollar)
  • Water
  • Cups for dipping (we re-used single serve yogurt cups)

Directions: Combine each packet with water in the cups, stir to dissolve and star dipping!
We found that you did need to leave the eggs in a little longer to get a deep color.  The colors were really nice and vibrant.
Here are the flavors we used and the colors they produced: 

  • Cherry: Red
  • Lemon-Lime; Green
  • Grape: Deep Purple
  • Orange: Orange
  • Mixed Berry: Blue

We really loved using this method last year and will do it again this year! The eggs were really pretty and smelled yummy too! The one bit of warning is that the dye does rub off more easily and isn't waterproof as it is kool-aid, but honestly, we didn't mind at all! 

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