Save Big $ on College Textbooks

Do you have someone in your household currently attending or getting ready to enter college?  If so, you know that buying books can really add up. When I was in college, I would have classes that would have multiple required textbooks; when purchased new or even used would add up to hundreds of dollars.  Selling them back for cash often returned just a fraction, if any, of the money back into my pocket. Between the high-cost, little return and the crowded trip to the college bookstore, the experience was so frustrating!  But, now there is a frustration-free way to get your college textbooks for a fraction of the cost: rent them!  CampusBookRentals offers a easy to use website where you can search, rent, and quickly receive the textbooks you need right from the comfort of your couch!  What is better than saving money, time and not having to get out of your pajamas?!

Here are some of the highlights from renting on CampusBookRentals:
  • Save 40-90% off bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Can highlight in the textbooks
  • Flexible renting periods
  • Live customer support
  • 30-day risk free returns
  • A portion of every textbook rented is donated to Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.
Here is an example of the savings you will experience:

Principles and Practice of Sport Management, Fourth Edition

I compared the cost of renting this book on CampusBookRentals to buying it new or even used elsewhere and the savings ranged from $20-$40!

Wondering how it works?  Watch the below video to learn more!

Now that you have learned more about this great opportunity to save your time and money and give back, go over to CampusBookRentals and get started today! 

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