Old World Gourmet Vinolicious Review & Giveaway


I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review Old World Gourmet's Vinolicious and Simple Gourmet products!

About the Company:
Dan and De’Anna Sullivan started this business in 2001 with only 2 products and over the last 10 years they have constantly surprised and delighted customers from coast to coast with their innovative and “out of the box” creativity and specialty drink and snack mixes. The company now has over 70 products, each one being unique in creation, color, packaging, and flavors.
Old World Gourmet has received multiple 1st place awards for Best Packaging, Best Cold Beverage, Best Snack, and Best New Gift Item, Best Visual Display, and many more.

What I chose: 
Vinolicious White Wine Assortment
As seen on living social and across the internet, the vinolicous white wine assortment is now available directly from OWG!  In one convenient 3 pack you get: the Vinolicious Margarita Freeze - our fabulous twist on a cocktail classic that you can make with white wine or vodka; The Vinolicious Lemoncillo Freeze -  a perennial favorite offering a lemon twist on your favorite white wine or vodka; and the Vinolicious Peach Bellini Freeze - a party favorite that adds a down home touch to your white wine or holiday champagne!(from their website)

Simple Gourmet Bake-A-Brewski Bread Mix
It is hearty, it is moist, it freezes fantastic and it’s soooooooooo easy to make. Just add a 12 ounce can of your favorite beer ( we love it with Corona ) mix it up and pour into a standard 9 x 5 loaf pan. Bake 30 minutes and you’ve got perfect homemade bread every time. You’ll be named Suzy Homemaker of the year. We’ve included some hints and recipe suggestions also.  Packaged in a cute little natural and also
( REUSABLE ) burlap draw string bag. It’s gift ready, is the perfect partner with homemade beef stews and hearty soups, makes a great fondue bread, cubed and served with fresh fruits and cheese and is absolutely divine with apple butter! Buy more than one…..you’ll be so glad you did. Perfect little gift basket inclusion, team it up with a 6 pack and you’ve got a fantastic hostess gift. ALL NATURAL product.
(from their website)

My Review: 

We decided to start out by trying the Peach Bellini mix.  The box said to use our favorite champagne or white wine.  Since we had a bottle of Pinot Grigio on hand, we decided to use that.  Making this was so easy my 3 year old could do it (except for the alcohol part of course)The box came with two small packages which at first confused me, but then I found the little note explaining that either one large package or two small ones would be included and that we were to use the two small together in one batch.  Then, we just added the mix to our 2.5 quart pitcher, added the bottle of wine and then one full wine bottle of water, mixed it up really well and then set it in the freezer for 3-4 hours.  


While I was working on the wine mixer, my husband (and son) decided to mix up the Bake-A-Brewski Bread.  Again, this was really easy and our son helped out.  You just add a twelve ounce can or bottle of your favorite beer to the mix, pour into the pan and then pour half a stick of melted butter on top.  The box also listed several add-ons you could mix in. My husband chose to add a half-cup of shredded cheddar cheese that we had leftover in the fridge.  

We tried the bread first and it was really good!  It came out moist and the taste was just like homemade bread.  My husband choose a heavy winter lager beer, so for me the beer taste was a bit too strong, but he really loved it!  


As for the frozen peach wine mixer, we loved that too!  I don't drink a lot, but I do like to have something "special" so this really fit the bill. It was like a drink you can get on any tropical island or cruise ship.  We even decided to drink them out of the glasses we brought home from our honeymoon cruise.  My husband said he could drink the whole thing it tasted so good!  I highly recommend these for any party, special occasion or just a relaxing night in. 

Learn more: You can learn more about Old World Gourmet and their delicious products on their website.

Purchase it: Visit the OWG website to purchase your own!  These would make a great foods/drinks for parties or a gifts for others! 

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  *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*     


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